Comprehensive Pet Health Care: Compassionate Care for All Stages of Pet Life

Pet Health Care For Monmouth County NJ Pets

Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital understands that individual pets have different needs according to their breed, age, and risk factors. From the initial wellness visits of young puppies and kittens to senior care and the needs of exotic pets, our veterinarians are committed to providing services that are the highest quality and follow the most current "best practices" standards in veterinary medicine.

Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital offers the following pet health care services:

  • Puppy and kitten care—Starting puppies and kittens off on the right paw sets them up for a long and healthy life. From behavioral training to nutritional care and vaccinations, our veterinarians will guide you through the process of providing for your new family member’s health care.
  • Adult pet wellness—General maintenance of adult pet health can greatly extend life expectancy and strengthen the bond between pets and their owners. Our doctors will partner with you to assess your pet’s health risks and to be a resource for all your pet needs.
  • Senior pet wellness—As pets age, their health needs change. Pets age much faster than humans and it is vital to make note of anything unusual as they approach and enter into their senior years. Increased thirst, changes in appetite, decrease in energy levels, and changes in sleep patterns are examples of things to be alert to. We work with many senior pets and welcome the opportunity to partner with pet owners so they can enjoy the human–pet bond for as long as possible.
  • Pet identification—Advances in technology now allow for microchipping pets to significantly increase the chances that a lost pet will be returned to his or her home. Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital is equipped to microchip pets, and our doctors will gladly answer your questions about the process and its benefits.

We welcome the opportunity to work with pet owners to meet the needs of their pets. If we can be of service to you, please do not hesitate to contact our helpful staff and veterinarians.