Adult Pet Wellness: Preventing Big Problems by Catching Small Issues

Adult Pet Wellness at Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital

From a veterinarian’s perspective, caring for adult pets involves not only ensuring proper nutrition, exercise, vaccinations, and the prevention of parasites, but also maintaining a vigilant watch for changes in health status. At Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital, our adult pet wellness regimen includes measures to make sure we catch any small changes before they become bigger problems.

Adult Pet Health Exams

Because pets age much quicker than humans and they are not able to communicate how they feel, Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital recommends that adult pets be seen every six months for routine checkups.

In addition to advising on the proper vaccination schedule, our veterinarians will examine all of your pet’s body systems from nose to tail. Early detection of disease or abnormalities leads to a better outcome, so we will carefully look for any changes in your pet’s condition from one exam to the next.

As part of a normal defense mechanism, animals hide illness and pain. This makes it hard for pet owners to recognize many of the more subtle signs of pet health issues. The veterinarians of Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital regularly see pets with infections, tick-borne illnesses, tumors, and other conditions that go unnoticed by even the most observant pet owners, making regular physical exams one of the most important steps to keeping pets healthy.

Pet Nutritional Counseling

One of the leading causes of disease in pets is obesity. Determining the proper weight for a pet can be difficult—some pets should naturally look lean while others have a more blocky appearance. Body condition scoring and morphometric measurements are used to determine your pet’s ideal weight. Specific dietary recommendations are made to help your pet reach his or her optimum weight goal. Our doctors and trained technicians will consult with you at your pet’s regular physical exam as well as anytime you need to check on your pet’s weight status.

Parasite Prevention

Parasites can live inside or on any age and variety of pet. From intestinal worms to heartworm, mites that live on the skin or in the ears, and the more common fleas and ticks, parasites can be a challenging health problem.

Detecting and preventing parasites is an important step in protecting pets from damage to internal organs, loss of valuable nutrients, and in protecting them from a number of different diseases. The veterinarians of Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital will assist you in determining what preventive measures to take for your pet’s age, species, and breed.

Adult pets can live long, healthy, and active lives through the continued preventive care their owners provide in partnership with our veterinarians. If you have any questions about your pet’s health needs, please contact the helpful staff and doctors of Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital today.