Pet Microchipping: Protecting Your Pets Through Technology

Pet Microchipping is Available For Pets at Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital

Microchipping technology has returned countless lost pets to their owners, preventing them from becoming one of 9.6 million pets euthanized each year because their owners could not be found. Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital encourages all pet owners to consider using a microchip to offer your pet the kind of protection he or she needs should they ever become lost.

Are there health risks involved with microchipping?

Understanding that your pet’s health is of highest importance, the doctors of Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital have searched through research literature and consulted with experts on microchips. To date, they have found no evidence of infection or health conditions arising from a microchip. The benefits of this technology make it an excellent option for protecting pets.

Which pets should receive microchips for identification?

Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital believes that all dogs and cats should have microchips. Even pets that remain indoors or are only outdoors on a leash can find a way out of the house, slip or break their collar, and become lost. Pets who are excellent about staying in their own yards can become frightened or lured away, and elderly animals can experience confusion causing them to wander.

There are simply too many scenarios and possibilities for pets to become separated from the families that love them, and microchipping provides a secure way to locate the family no matter how far away the pet has traveled.

Don’t microchips have to be scanned in order to identify a pet?

Yes, in order to identify a pet, the microchip must be scanned. Most veterinarians, humane societies, and animal shelters have scanners, and the scanning technology has become universal so microchips from any manufacturer can be read.

The microchip does not require a battery and has no moving parts, so it does not wear down or wear out and never needs replacing.

Losing a pet is stressful and the research shows that microchips greatly increase the chances that a pet will be reunited with his or her family. If you have any questions about microchips, please contact the knowledgeable staff and veterinarians of Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital.