Full-Service Pet Pharmacy: Convenient, Professional Service

Monmouth County NJ Pet Pharmacy

Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital’s pharmacy is located on-site and has its own entrance. The pharmacy is open and staffed every hour that our hospital is open. For prescription refills, clients are welcome to walk in or to save time by calling ahead using our pharmacy direct line: (732) 531-1213.

Veterinary Pharmacy Technicians

Our trained pharmacy technicians are incredibly knowledgeable and can explain any common or uncommon side effects to the medications that have been prescribed.

Medicating difficult pets can be a challenge, and our experienced technicians regularly take the time to help clients learn how to safely medicate pets and encourage their pets to be comfortable with the process.

Cost-Saving Measures

Oftentimes, manufacturers of veterinary medications offer rebates on the purchase of pet products. Our pharmacy staff track rebate information and provide it to our clients to pass the savings along.

The pharmacy staff will also conduct online price comparisons to ensure that pet owners are getting a good deal on the medications they need for their pet.

Over-the-Counter Products

In addition to prescription medications, our pharmacy is stocked with a variety of preventive products such as flea and tick preventives, heartworm preventives, and dental health products. Our pharmacy technicians will work with you to determine the best products for your pet’s species, breed, age, and condition.

Understanding that there are a multitude of choices in pet nutrition sources, Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital is able to give pet nutrition guidance, and we carry a wide variety of prescription and high-quality general pet diets.

Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital has designed our in-house pharmacy with convenience and quality in mind. If you have any questions about our pharmacy, please contact the pharmacy directly at (732) 531-1213.