Pet Boutique at Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital

Pet Boutique at Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital

In response to a need for providing pet products that are safe, fun, and proven in excellence, Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital opened our Pet Boutique.

Pet Toys

Both dogs and cats need toys that encourage exercise and interaction with their families. Unfortunately, some toys on the market are made with parts that can break off and injure the pet for which the toy was intended.

Our Pet Boutique only stocks products that are proven to be safe and made by respectable companies with a reputation to protect and a commitment to excellence. From chew toys to our very popular pet food puzzles and dental treats, our pet toys entertain, reward, and stimulate pets.

Research has shown that many cat diseases are related to cats being bored in their environments. Chronic boredom can lead to anxieties in cats, which can then exacerbate health conditions and existing diseases.

Being a cat-friendly practice, Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital is committed to enriching environments for cats so they can live longer, happier, and fuller lives, and so we stock cat toys that are interactive and require the cat to hunt or work as part of their instinctual entertainment.

Pet Care Supplies

In addition to pet nutritional products, our boutique carries pet supplies such as dental chews, pill pockets, pet toothbrushes, harnesses, and collars. Our hospital has sought out high quality products and included only the safest and best so you can buy with confidence those products that have already been screened by us.

Pet Training

Our boutique offers a wide variety of training materials to complement the training guidance given by your veterinarian.

All of the training aids we carry have been proven effective and gentle as we promote positive behavioral reinforcement techniques. Our leads and harnesses are designed for comfort, durability, and appropriate fit.

Exotic Pet Products

We also carry an excellent array of products for exotic pets, including leads, leashes, and toys, again with the focus of being safe and of the highest quality. Bird owners will find a selection of products specifically for our feathered friends.

If you do not find what you need as you browse in our boutique, be sure to ask about what you are seeking. We are committed to the safety and quality of the products we provide, and our friendly staff will be willing to help you locate resources to meet your and your pet’s needs.