Monmouth County’s Luxury Pet Hotel

Luxury Pet Hotel at Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital

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Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital was constructed in 2009 with a luxury Pet Hotel designed for safety, cleanliness, and comfort. With 24-hour supervised boarding, including exercise, play time, and special activities, it is hard to imagine a more comfortable and inviting environment for pets.

Combining Safety and Pet Comfort

Dogs staying with us are housed in individual glass-enclosed compartments with privacy panels, designed in small groupings with no more than four pets to a ward. Wards are sound insulated and have radiant floors. We believe the added precaution of glass enclosures instead of cage bars or fences offers pets and their families the assurance of safety. The glass enclosures prevent the spread of any infectious agents from one pet to another. All compartments are disinfected and cleaned frequently.

Dogs are housed in areas in consideration of noise and behavior and are placed strategically so that the pets cannot see one another to avoid stress and provide more comfort for each pet. Each dog has a Kuranda bed to sleep on with fleeces or other types of blankets, and our floors are heated in the colder weather.

Our outdoor runs and exercise area are covered and have overhead radiant heat for comfort on cold days and cooling fans to help circulate the air in the hot summer months.

As a cat-friendly veterinary practice, Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital understands the unique needs for engaging environments for cats. Cats are lodged in an area that is isolated from the dogs and soundproofed from the other areas of the hospital.

We have special cat townhouses and condos so the cats can choose to go through a port where they can see out a picture window and into the neighboring woods or get some sun or simply hide away in a more secluded space.

Playrooms with toys and climbing platforms are provided for scheduled exercise times. Cats get to spend time in the playroom every day of their stay.

In addition to 24-hour attention by our spa and hotel staff, our trained technicians monitor all pets staying with us and our veterinarians are on hand to address any health issues that may arise.

Pet Activity Packages

No pet is ever left completely alone or without attention while lodging with us. When owners bring their pets in, they can select a number of different activities for the pet for the duration of his or her stay. Pets enjoy one-on-one playtime, swimming in our shallow wading pool (summer only), extra personalized walks, relaxing massages, and much more.

Special-needs Reservations

Being a veterinary hospital, we specialize in offering special needs reservations for pets that are diabetic, have physical limitations or medical problems, or for aged pets that just require more special attention. Our trained technicians will administer medications or treatments in the appropriate dosages and times and with the expertise and gentleness that comes with experience.

Our veterinarians are on hand should any complication arise, and we are available to update owners on their pet’s condition to alleviate any worries.

Pet Spa

Our facility is equipped with a bathing salon where we can do basic trimming and bathing. Whether a pet needs specially medicated shampoos or just a general cleaning, our trained staff can meet their needs. We are used to pets coming to us with a variety of comfort levels, and we work to make them feel relaxed and accepting of the bathing and trimming being done.

When you have to be away from your pet, Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital understands that you need them well cared for, and we are committed to providing the best option for their home away from home. Make a reservation online or Contact us to reserve a time for your pet at our Pet Hotel.