Pet Grooming & Spa

Gorooming For Pets in Monmouth County NJ

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Prices are subject to change without notice.

Spa Essential Bath Pricing

  • $33 - Pet weight under 25lbs
  • $38 - Pet weight between 26-50lbs
  • $45 - Pet weight between 51-90lbs
  • $52 - Pet weight over 90lbs

Spa Essential Bath Includes:

  • Oxygen Infused Bath
  • Hair and Skin Conditioning
  • Blowout
  • 15 minute brush-out
  • Nail Trimming
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Cologne
  • Stylish Accessory

While your pet is staying at our Pet Hotel, we offer a 30% discount on our essential bath service if the pet is scheduled to be bathed the night prior to leaving.

Spa Deluxe Bath Upgrade

  • + $23 - to the appropriate Essential Bath Pricing. This upgrade includes all of the ESSENTIAL services AND THE COMPLETE PAMPERING of your pet.
    • Exfoliating Skin Scrub Shampoo
    • Dead Sea Mineral Mud Bath (upgraded conditioning)
    • Teeth Brushing
    • Vitamin Infused Paw & Nose Cream
    • Calming Massage


All additional services are an additional fee listed below, added to the Spa Essential Bath pricing.

  • Shed-Less Treatment - $21
  • Additional Brush-Out - $15 per 30 minutes
  • De-Matting - $20 per 30 minutes
  • Medicated Bath - $15
  • Hypo-Allergenic Bath - $11
  • Skunk Treatment - $52
  • Paw Pad Trimming - $12
  • Nail Trim
    • Dog $18
    • Cat $15
  • Nails Dremeled - $22
  • Teeth Brushed with Enzymatic Toothpaste - $10
  • Ear Cleaning (routine) $16
  • Face Trim $10
  • Anal Glands Expressed $26
  • Hair Removed from Ears $23

Dogs with long coats that require additional brushing or SHED-LESS TREATMENTS will be charged for that service.


Exact price determined by groomer at time of visit.

  • $60-100 - FULL GROOMING


Introduce your puppy to a FUN SPA experience. This helps to train them to stand safely for bathing and grooming.

  • $20 - FEAR-FREE Puppy Bath
  • $10 - FEAR-FREE Puppy Trim

It is important to educate our clients that all dogs need regular grooming. Dogs stay healthier and feel better when that are kept clean and free of mats.

With Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital’s trimming and bathing services, general grooming and trimming becomes a safe and relaxed experience for your pet.

Our grooming tables have non-slip surfaces and a place to secure a leash to free up both hands of each of our trained veterinary assistants in order to comfort and work with each pet.

Every routine bath includes shampooing and conditioning as well as drying the coat so the pet does not get chilled. After the pet is clean and dry, he or she will enjoy a complete brushing as our staff fusses and pampers and praises him or her.

Our spa can also perform medicated shampooing and basic trimming to keep pets’ coats healthy and manageable for their owners.

A complimentary toenail clipping and ear cleaning are included with each pet bath.

If our spa can be of service to your pet, please call Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital to schedule an appointment.