Comprehensive Pet Health Services

Veterinary Services at Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital

Understanding that pet health and wellbeing is more than just attending to regular vaccinations, Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital provides services to support pet owners in caring for and maintaining a high quality of life for pets. We believe in partnering with our clients to help strengthen the bond between pets and the families that love them.

Learn more about each of these services we offer:

  • Allergy testing—Just like humans, pets can have allergies to things they touch, breathe, or ingest. Allergy testing can identify what your pet is allergic to. Individualized treatments can help eliminate pet discomfort and resolve related health skin issues.
  • Pet behavioral consultation—Fear and anxiety are common problems that can lead to house soiling, aggression, barking, and other destructive behaviors. Our doctors can diagnose and prescribe appropriate behavioral treatments for these distressing problems.
  • Cancer diagnosis and treatment for pets—Advances in cancer treatments for people have resulted in significant diagnostic and treatment options for pets. Animals respond as well as and often times better than people do to cancer treatments.
  • Veterinary cardiology—Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment options to care for issues of heart disease in pets.
  • Pet dental care—Oral disease in dogs, cats, rabbits, and other exotic species is the most common problem seen in pets today. Maintaining excellent oral health in pets can prevent disease, pain, and discomfort and promote a longer, healthier life.
  • Veterinary dermatology—We are able to diagnose and treat most pet skin conditions including allergic reactions, parasitic afflictions, and bacterial or fungal infections.
  • Veterinary emergency care—Our veterinarians are able to handle all manner of emergencies from illness to major or minor injuries.
  • End-of-life care—The compassionate staff of Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital is able to guide pet owners through hospice and end-of-life care decisions and provide the necessary support during this difficult time.
  • Veterinary endocrinology—Pets can experience hormonal imbalances similar to humans. Our veterinarians are able to diagnose and treat numerous endocrine issues, including diabetes, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, Cushing’s disease, and more.
  • Endoscopy—Diagnosis of internal conditions is greatly enhanced through the use of our endoscope. Our veterinarians are able to view pets’ respiratory or digestive pathways and can often resolve issues of chronic vomiting, diarrhea, or breathing disorders.
  • Exotic pet care—Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital has the expertise and experience to care for a wide variety of birds, rabbits, ferrets, reptiles, amphibians, and other exotic pets. We are equipped to provide wellness exams as well as to diagnose and treat exotic pet ailments.
  • Veterinary ophthalmology—Our veterinarians are experienced at treating eye conditions and can diagnose issues such as cataracts, glaucoma, diseases of cornea, conjunctiva and globe, causes of blindness, infection, immune-mediated diseases, and cancers.
  • Flea and tick prevention—Preventing fleas and ticks is critical in our region. It not only protects your pet from discomfort but also prevents infectious diseases such as Lyme disease, anaplasmosis, erlichia, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and others. Our doctors will help you select the safest and most effective ways to protect your pet.
  • In-house veterinary pharmacy—Whether your pet needs medicine for treating illness, parasite preventives, or a prescription diet, our in-house pharmacy is stocked with FDA-approved drugs for your pet’s safety and your convenience.
  • Veterinary intensive care unit—Patients needing intensive monitoring and care will have their needs met in our ICU, where 24-hour care is provided by highly trained staff and through use of advanced monitoring technology.
  • Veterinary internal medicine—Our doctors have the expertise and experience to diagnose and treat complicated medical problems. Advanced diagnostics and a problem-oriented approach are used to resolve issues of internal medicine.
  • Veterinary lab and diagnostics—From our digital radiography to our ability to process blood and urine samples on site, our hospital is equipped to yield diagnostic answers as quickly as possible to speed treatment and restore health for the pets we serve.
  • Pet nutritional counseling—Quality nutrition that is appropriate for the age, species, and breed of each pet can treat or prevent many health issues and improve your pet’s quality of life.
  • Pet pain management—We believe that no pet should ever be in pain. Whether in the hospital or at home, we are committed to maintaining pet comfort for their quality of life.
  • Preventive pet care—Preventing health issues from arising in pets is not only the most humane means of caring for a pet but also it is the most cost effective and the best way to ensure a long and full life.
  • Veterinary radiology—Through use of digital X-ray technology, our veterinarians can provide quick and accurate diagnosis of many pet conditions.
  • Veterinary surgery—Whether a routine spay or neuter or a more advanced orthopedic procedure, our veterinarians bring a high level of experience and advanced training into the surgical portion of our practice.
  • Veterinary ultrasound—Digital ultrasound gives our doctors the ability to directly view the condition and functioning of internal organs without surgery. Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital has found this tool to be a significant asset in quick and accurate diagnosis.

Please feel free to contact us if Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital can be of service to you and your pet.