Veterinary Diagnostics: Fast Results, Efficient Diagnoses

Veterinary Lab & Diagnostics Services at Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital

Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital understands the need for fast and accurate diagnosis when pets are suffering. The sooner a diagnosis can be reached and treatment started, the more likely a complete cure can be achieved.

Our in-house lab can process a variety of different tests, including:

  • Blood chemistry panel—This test allows our doctors to measure the balance of electrolytes, enzymes, and other chemical elements in the blood to show the health of the internal organs.
  • Complete blood count (CBC)—This test analyzes the body’s red blood cells, white bloods cells, and platelets.
  • Urinanalysis—A urine sample can reveal kidney function, presence of infection, or signs of disease.
  • Pancreatic screening—Our cPL test checks pets for pancreatitis.
  • Feline leukemia screening—Feline leukemia is highly contagious and attacks a cat’s immune system. As long as the cat is free from the disease, our doctors may recommend vaccination.
  • Feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) screening—FIV also affects the immune system and is highly contagious among cats. While there is no cure for this disease, medical support can extend a cat’s life and maintain a high level of comfort.
  • Blood smear—Blood smears can detect conditions such as:
    • Signs of infection
    • Autoimmune diseases
    • Anemia
    • Platelet conditions
    • Toxic cells
    • Cancerous cells
    • Blood parasites
  • Tick-borne disease screening—Ticks carry many different pet diseases that can be detected in our lab. As with other illnesses, early detection and treatment makes a significant difference in recovery.
  • Intestinal parasite screening—Worms that live in the intestines of pets can drain much-needed nutrients and damage internal organs so detection and treatment for worms is a big part of preventive health pet care.
  • Heartworm testing—As its name suggests, the heartworm lives in the heart of a dog or cat and causes damage to the heart and lungs. If left untreated, it is fatal, but excellent prevention options are available for all dogs and cats.
  • Fine needle aspiration cytology—Our doctors are well versed and experienced in the use of cytology. Tumors, lumps, and any abnormal area of the body can be sampled with a needle. The sample is then evaluated under a special microscope to look for signs of cancer, infection, bacteria, or other infectious agents.

Patients who are critically ill can get lab results within 10 minutes with our in-house blood machine, allowing our doctors to begin treatment and move toward restoring pet health and comfort.

Our state-of-the-art microscope gives our doctors the opportunity to closely examine skin samples, ear swabs, and blood smears. It is equipped with a digital camera so we can share images with specialists for expert evaluation.

Whether your pet needs routine lab work or diagnosis of a complex health issue, Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital is equipped to meet your pet’s needs.