Cancer in Pets: Diagnostic & Treatment Options

Pet Cancer Diagnostics & Treatment

Diagnosis and treatment of cancer in pets is different in many ways from that of humans. At Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital, our veterinarians have a high level of continuing education in animal cancer and are able to make use of the latest technology in diagnosing and treatment options.

People often worry when their pet has been diagnosed with cancer that the only option is euthanasia. They do not want their pet’s remaining time to be uncomfortable or painful or for them to suffer in any way. However, cancer drugs and treatments for pets can make the pet feel better and more comfortable, helping to extend the life of a pet.

Pets tend to respond to cancer treatments as well as or even better than people do. Even in cases where treatment options are not viable, veterinary care can continue to provide pain management, control nausea, and provide hospice care to enhance the pet’s quality of life.


Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art equipment for diagnosing pet cancer. Some of our diagnostics include:

Treatment Options

Similar to people, pet cancer can be treated through surgical removal, chemo or medical therapy, and radiation therapy. Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital can provide surgical and most chemotherapy options for pets, and we maintain a close relationship with cancer specialists so we can refer patients needing radiation or advanced chemotherapy treatments.

Pet Cancer Symptoms

Pet owners can be the first line of defense in detecting changes in a pet’s behavior and health that would warrant screening for cancer. Some symptoms to watch for include:

  • Any unusual lump or bump in the skin
  • Weight loss
  • Loss of appetite
  • Persistent vomiting
  • Lack of energy
  • Breathing difficulty
  • Persistent coughing
  • Change in bowels

Our success rate in treating pet cancer is impressive, and the veterinarians of Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital collaborate with each other so that it is not uncommon for one pet case to receive the attention of two or three doctors behind the scenes. We regularly consult with each other to provide the best possible outcomes for our patients.

If we can be of service to you and your pet, please contact our compassionate doctors and staff for a consultation.