If My Indoor Cat Is Healthy, Do They Really Need a Cat Wellness Exam?

"owner holding cat's head"

We get it. Cats are famously put-together animals who seem like they do not need much help from us. Their tidiness, independence, and convincing vitality lead many to question the importance of routine cat wellness exams. While a cat may be in perfect health, there’s an equal possibility that they’re hiding symptoms related to an underlying health condition. We believe it’s always worth the peace of mind, and look forward to promoting lifelong health through our cat wellness exams. 

Distinct Life Stages, Unique Needs

If you’ve had your cat since their infancy, you know that their first year was on the busy side. After their initial wellness exam (shortly after adoption), we see kittens every 3–4 weeks in order to complete their series of vaccinations. If they need to be dewormed, we will need to see them every 2–3 weeks until it is resolved.


Your Dog Comforts You When You’re Sad. Why?

"dog consoling owner"

Dog owners spend an inordinate amount of time trying to read their dog’s thoughts. In the absence of a shared language, we attempt to understand what they’re thinking and feeling at any given time. If your dog comforts you when you’re sad, there’s a great explanation for their empathy.

Perfectly Aligned

Have you ever gotten really excited about something? Chances are, your dog was right beside you, eager to participate in this electrifying experience. They may have started barking, wagging their tail, jumping up on you, and generally reveling in the moment.  


Beyond the Fluff: Basics of Doodle Puppy Care

"goldendoodle puppy"

There are certain dog breeds that are the pinnacle of perfection. They are so mellow, intelligent, devoted, and attractive that any improvements to their disposition and appearance would be impossible. Until, that is, two amazing dog breeds are intentionally bred. The result? Doodles! We’re talking labradoodle, golden doodles, Bernedoodles, doxiepoos and other breeds mixed with standard or mini poodles. There are many reasons to love a doodle puppy, and properly caring for them is just one way to share your affection

The Right Paw

All puppies benefit from regular veterinary care. As soon as you bring them home, we encourage you to set up their first appointment with us. There’s so much to accomplish in the first 4-6 months. When all of your doodle’s health requirements are fulfilled early in life, you have a positive influence on their long-term wellness. 


Decisions, Decisions: Choosing the Best Pet Food

"pets eating food"

When it comes to pet ownership, perhaps one of the most overwhelming decisions you will need to make is what to feed your pet. Canned or dry? Puppy food or adult? Large breed? Small kibble? Grain free? Organic? Chicken or lamb?

Choosing the best pet food for your dog or cat doesn’t have to be difficult, though. Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital has the information that you need to nourish your pet from the inside out. 


Tips & Tricks for Administering Your Pet’s Medication

Giving dog medication.

Almost all pets will require medication at some point in their lives, whether it’s to relieve pain, treat an infection, or manage a chronic health condition. Administering medication—and doing it on a reasonably routine basis—can be especially challenging if you have a pet with a picky palate. Cats, in particular, are suspicious of new odors and flavors. If your pet has been prescribed medication, try these tips and tricks from our team at Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital.


Top 3 Things to Do Before Your First Vet Visit

First pet visit.

Congratulations on your new addition! Welcoming a new cat or dog can be a true joy, and if this is your first foray into pet parenthood, you likely have many questions about when to schedule your pet’s first checkup, what to expect, and how to prepare.

At Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital, we warmly welcome new pet patients, and we’ve compiled some helpful hints for navigating your pet’s first visit. 


International Travel With Your Pet Is Possible (When Rules Are Followed)

Cat in airport.

There are many good reasons to plan a trip with your pet in tow, and leaders in the hospitality industry go above and beyond to welcome both human and animal guests with equal enthusiasm. Narrowing down where you and your furry friend want to go may well be the hardest part of the process! 

While traveling abroad has become more relaxed in recent years, international travel with your pet truly cannot be approached lightly. It takes an excessive amount of preparation and planning, but then you can expect to have a much smoother trip to any destination. 


Can Having Pets Help Anxiety?

A man spending time with his dog.

Anxiety disorders are among the most common mental illnesses diagnosed in Americans. Many utilize therapy of varying kinds as well as medications to manage the disease. Have you ever wondered, though, if having pets can help anxiety? In short, the answer is yes, and Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital is excited to share how.


Your Cat Smells Good. What Does That Mean?

An owner touching her cat's nose with hers.

If you were to breathe in your cat’s scent, would you be able to describe it? Most cats simply smell like themselves (can “fluffy” be used to describe a smell?), but it’s not uncommon for some felines to give off highly specific scents. We’ve heard owners describe their cats as “cinnamony,” “perfumey,” and just all around “delicious.” This could just be one more example of the profound appreciation some owners have for their cats, but could there be a scientific explanation for why a cat smells good?


5 Most Popular Pets in 2022

An Australian Shepherd running with his tongue out.

Have you noticed it feels a bit like deja vu scrolling through social media seeing many of the same kinds of cats and dogs splattered all over your social feed? These pets are adorable and clearly very popular. Maybe you’d love to start a social media page for one of them yourself.  Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital has compiled the 5 most popular pet breeds of 2022 so that you can consider what breed might be right for you before you go out and adopt.