Cognitive Dysfunction in Senior Pets: Professional Strategies for Managing Age-Related Behavior Changes

happy old dog.

As our cherished pets enter their senior years, changes in behavior can be a subtle sign of cognitive decline, a condition commonly referred to as dementia in pets. At Oakhurst Animal Hospital, we understand the nuances of these age-related changes and the concerns they bring to loving pet owners. Through professional strategies and compassionate care, we are committed to helping your furry family members maintain the best quality of life in their golden years.


From Bowl to Behavior: How Diet Shapes Your Pet’s Character

an image of pet kibble.

At Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital, we understand that a pet’s diet does far more than fill their stomachs—it can shape their personalities and behaviors. Your pet’s food influences their mood and vitality just as our diets affect us. Let’s explore the intriguing connection between diet and demeanor in our beloved pets.


Anesthesia Free Dental Cleanings for Pets: Too Good to Be True?

A happy dog in an exam room.

Pet owners are more savvy than ever, and they are more and more proactive about seeking out the best for their beloved four-legged family members. Knowing the importance of good dental health care, they are seeking out different options for routine teeth cleaning for their pets.

More and more in New Jersey you will find practitioners that are willing to clean your pet’s teeth without anesthesia. When you take into account the risk of anesthesia for pets and its associated costs, this may seem like an obvious choice to make. Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital wants our educated pet owners to understand, though, why anesthesia free dental cleanings for pets are not all they’re cracked up to be.


The Benefits of Pet Insurance

dog at a check up.

No pet owner wants to be in the position of choosing between their pet and their savings account. While a great many health issues can be prevented through regular wellness care, it’s impossible to totally avert accidental illness or injury. Life happens, and despite their best efforts, pets are not invincible. Luckily, pet insurance acts like a shield between you and financial devastation, and makes veterinary care attainable when a pet needs it the most. 


Step by Step: The Pet Dental Exam Decoded

pet dental examDespite the fact that most of us tend to our oral hygiene daily and see our dentist for cleanings and exams, not much thought is given to dental care for our pets. The idea of brushing a dog or cat’s teeth may seem daunting to many of us, but neglecting our pets’ oral health can lead to serious consequences down the line.

Professional dental care is an essential step in your furry loved one’s wellness plan. Your team at Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital wants to make sure you know what is involved in a pet dental exam and why it is so important for your pet’s health.


Cats vs. Christmas Trees: Winning the Battle of the Ornaments

cat sitting on pillow in front of tree.

The holiday season is a time of joy and excitement. But if you’re a cat owner, you know it also presents a unique set of challenges—especially when it comes to your Christmas tree. 

Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital understands that you want to keep your feline friend safe while still enjoying the holiday festivities. Let’s look at ways to keep your tree standing tall and your cat happily out of mischief.


Pet Portraits that Sleigh: Tips for Stunning Holiday Shots

festive dog in front of tree.

Whether it’s just you and your pet or your furry friend is part of a larger crew, your pet is a family member. Why wouldn’t you want to take cute holiday photos of Fido or Kitty? Maybe you’re picturing sweet shots of Fido soaring through a snowy field with a ball in his mouth. Or kitty perched in your Christmas tree, her big eyes glowing among the twinkly lights. 

If you want to make those memories—and snag those epic shots—the team at Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital has the holiday pet photo tips you need. 


The Big Question: Pet Insurance

Pet insurance can help defray the cost of vet care

If your pet was critically injured and needed to be hospitalized tomorrow, would you be able to afford the bill?

We all want to do the very best we can for our pets, and we are fortunate that today, we have access to ever advancing veterinary medicine. From cancer treatment, to blood transfusions, to laser therapy and advanced surgical procedures, it’s now possible to treat almost all pet injuries and illnesses.

This advanced care comes with a cost, however. Standard pet care costs already average $1800 per year, making it easy to see how a pet accident, illness, or emergency can put a financial strain on many families.   

That’s where pet insurance comes in. Just as human health insurance is designed to bridge the gap between needed cost and care, pet insurance can offset the financial burden of unexpected injury or illness to our pets. The big question is – is pet insurance right for you? It’s an individual decision, but it’s important to weigh the costs and benefits for your own situation. Here, Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital shows you how.