Common Pet Injuries and First Aid

Puppy with first aid kit
puppy american bully in front of white background

Most of us know how to handle a minor scrape or sprain at home if we are injured, but do you feel comfortable handling small but common pet injuries? Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital wants to help make sure that you know how to navigate basic pet first aid when the need arises.


Paws on the Boardwalk: Dog-Friendly Adventures Jersey Edition

Dog on beach

What could be better than hitting the boardwalk or the beach with your best furry friend by your side? Fortunately for you and your four-legged sidekick, there are plenty of NJ dog-friendly attractions to choose from. Keep reading for some of our team’s favorite spring dog activities in NJ. 


Skunked! What to Do When Your Dog Stinks 

smelly dog

Every dog gets a little stinky from time to time – they aren’t exactly known for their discretion when it comes to rolling in something rotten, after all. A dog who has been skunked, however, is a totally different ball game. 

We’ve seen our share of skunked dogs here at Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital, and we’d like to share our tried and true tips for remedying this stinky situation.

The Down and Dirty Details

Skunks spray their stink from their anal sacs, located just inside their rectum. Their anal sacs, unlike those of dogs and cats, can be expressed on demand and with stunning accuracy. 


Jersey Shore Seafood Safety: Protecting Your Pup from Shellfish Toxins

Dog on Beach

Living on the Jersey Shore has lots of fun perks, but for the pets of Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital, it can add some additional hazards. Paralytic shellfish poisoning in dogs is serious and often fatal, so being sure that you understand how to protect your pet is key.


The Heart of the Matter: What You need to Know About Heartworm Prevention

A sad dog o the couch.

The winter thaw is on the horizon, and in our neck of the woods, that means we start thinking about longer days, gardening, and….The coming mosquito season! Although steamy days and nights might bring with them summer fun, the mosquitoes that also come with warm weather are definitely not welcome. Not only are they annoying for you, but they could also pose a serious health threat to your pet.

Here are some of the basics of heartworm prevention from your friends at Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital.


Unusual Animal Behaviors Explained

a calido kitten knocking things off the shelf.

Watching animal videos online is a widespread pastime. The reason is simple: watching cute, silly, playful, wacky or sleepy animals releases happiness-inducing hormones like oxytocin and dopamine. In other words, animals make us feel good.

This phenomenon is, of course, experienced daily by pet owners. Cats and dogs (among other pets) contribute to our overall sense of well-being, simply by being themselves. If you’ve ever marveled at your pet’s habits or antics, perhaps we can shed light on some unusual animal behaviors and what they might mean.


Beyond the Basics: Diving Deep Into Dental Cleaning

Dental Cleaning.

Many of us know regular dental cleanings are beneficial to our pets. With over 85% of pets over the age of 3 affected by some form of dental disease, people are becoming more aware of this common but preventable problem. If your pet gets regular dental cleanings, you’ve probably noticed cleaner teeth, fresher breath, and decreased redness around your pet’s gum line. While the results of dental cleanings are great, have you ever wondered what happens during a cleaning? We thought you might!


Uncovering Hidden Hazards for Pets

pet outdoor.

Our pets excel at many things, but perhaps they are most adept at keeping us on our toes. Just when we think we understand their motivations, or anticipate their behaviors, they surprise us by going the opposite direction. We really can’t expect anything else but, well, the unexpected. 

It simply goes with the territory to recognize that there are hidden hazards for pets at nearly every moment. The more you know about all the potential risks to pet health and safety, you can not only prevent accidents but you’ll be able to seek help promptly, if needed. 


Understanding Pet Food Labels: A Guide to Making Informed Nutrition Choices

hungry dog looks at salad.

When it comes to the health and happiness of our beloved pets, what we feed them is at the core of their well-being. At Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital, we understand that navigating the many available pet food options can be daunting. This blog post will help decode the jargon and demystify pet food labels, enabling you to make informed nutrition choices for your furry family members.