How Much is Too Much? Cats and Salt

Cat Eating

As cat owners, we want our feline companions to live long and healthy lives. In order to do this, we need to consider certain things like how much salt is too much for our cat’s diet.

Cats require less sodium than humans, which makes it important for pet owners to regularly check the sodium content in the food they give their cats.

Here’s what you need to know:

Do Cats Need Salt in Their Diet?


Keeping An Ear Out for the Many Possible Meanings of Dog Barks

dog barking

Dogs use barks to convey loneliness, hunger, playfulness, curiosity, stress, and other needs. They are masters at communication, but their success largely depends on who is listening to them. What do some of the most common dog barks sound like, and how can we answer the call?

Beyond Body Language

Dogs say a lot with their body language. We can often tell how they’re feeling based on how their ears, tail, and posture appear. Interpreting canine body language is essential to learning their needs and being able to effectively provide for them. 

Some dogs rely heavily on their body positioning to convey their emotional and physical states. These dogs may only express themselves vocally when they absolutely have to. Other pups have a unique blend of body language and barking that is highly effective at communicating with humans. 


How to Know If Your Pet is Anemic (and What to Do)

anemia in pets

While there are definitely species differences, there are a wide number of medical conditions that both animals and people share. Anemia in pets is one of those that occur in dogs, cats, and people alike. Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital has all the info that you need to know if your pet is affected.  

What is Anemia Anyways?

Anemia is the medical term for a low red blood cell count. Red blood cells are the components of blood that are responsible for carrying oxygen to the various tissues throughout the body. Without them, life becomes very difficult. 


Canine Oral Papillomas Demystified

canine oral papillomas

You have a young, happy, healthy pup, or so you think… all of the sudden, though, your vaccinated dog has these little ugly growths on their lips. Before you panic and assume the worst, let Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital quell your fears. Many oral growths in young dogs are actually canine oral papillomas, and they are typically nothing to be worried about. 

You Got the Look

Canine oral papillomas have a pretty distinct appearance. They tend to be small, round skin tumors that resemble warts. They usually have what’s called a fimbriated surface, with little fronds growing off of them similar to a sea anemone. They are often gray to flesh colored. 


Finding the Perfect Pet Sitter or Dog Walker

Dog walker.

When our pets cannot join us during travel or a long work day, it can feel pretty devastating. Our little furry friends are often a big part of our family. It’s the least we can do to make sure that they are in good hands when we have to be away. Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital has some tips to help you find the perfect pet sitter or dog walker for your family. 


Having a Dog and a Full Time Job

Pet owners.

No one understands how serious an undertaking pet ownership is more than Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital. Taking the responsibility for another living creature is no small thing. Before bringing a new pet into the home, it is very important to do an inventory of that animal’s needs and your ability to provide those needs. This can lead to the natural questions about owning a dog as a single person or having a dog and working 9 to 5 every day. Fear not, though, dog ownership is a possibility for almost everyone. 


Can Exotic Cats Enjoy Domestic Lifestyles?

Exotic cats.

All cats deserve a supportive environment that facilitates growth, safety, and overall wellness. Enjoying close time with special people, play, and opportunities to tune into their natural instincts (like stalking, ambushing, and pouncing) round out the basic requirements for top-notch care. Exotic cats, or domestic cats cross-bred with wild ones, thrive when all of the above are taken care of, but they can also have highly specialized needs that benefit from serious research, preparation, and consideration.


Following Pet Trends? So Are We!

Pot bellied pig.

There have been many famous (and famously eccentric) pet owners over the years. Audrey Hepburn had a connection with a fawn, Elvis kept a kangaroo, and Salvador Dali split his affection between an ocelot and an anteater. Why? Because they could!

Modern day pet ownership continues to have several outliers, including tigers, kinkajous, and teacup pigs, but the strongest pet trends involve the most common companion animals: cats and dogs.