The Best Indoor Pet Activities to Keep the Winter Blues Away

As the temperatures start to sink and the evening hours approach earlier than before, it can feel like time is standing still. We enter a state of hibernation or some other seasonal trance bookended by daylight savings, but we aren’t the only ones to notice. To be sure, animals sense the seasonal shift quite profoundly, as well. Pets who previously couldn’t wait to get outside are now standing anxiously on the threshold

How do we support the needs of our pets on rainy, cold, or snowy days? Why, with these indoor pet activities, of course!


Pet Teeth Cleanings – Are They Really Necessary?

pet teeth cleaningsThese days, dogs and cats have it pretty good! Most are considered members of the family, and we do our best to keep them healthy and provide them with a wonderful life. Quality nutrition, vaccinations, parasite prevention, and, of course, snuggles are the norm when it comes to taking care of modern pets. But what about dental care?

According to the American Veterinary Dental Society, over 70% of cats and 80% of dogs will have gum disease by the time they’re three years old. Untreated dental disease is not only painful for pets, but it can also be a source of serious health problems down the road. That’s why regular pet teeth cleanings are the cornerstone of good oral hygiene.


Ring in 2018: New Year’s Resolutions for Pets

new years resolutions for petsWith the holidays behind us, many people are looking ahead with anticipation to 2018. Do you hear that noise? It’s the collective sound of pencils hitting paper as people all over the world make their new year’s resolutions. But don’t make your list all about you – what about a few new year’s resolutions for pets?

Whether you need to get back on track with preventive care or provide more daily exercise, we’ve got plenty of ideas to help your pet become happier and healthier in 2018.


Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital’s Top 10 Blogs of 2017

One of the trickiest aspects of pet ownership is getting ahead of things before they unravel or get out of hand. This is true with regard to disease prevention, training and behaviors, and pet emergencies. To help pet owners field all the possible curveballs they may encounter, we routinely brainstorm for timely and relevant topics to discuss on our pet care blog. Some topics revolve more around health matters, such as dental care, while others highlight a lifestyle theme, like which apps are best for pet owners.

No matter your interests, we hope our pet care blog strikes a chord or two with every client throughout the year. Our continued attention to topics that owners want/need to know about helps us measure the popularity of each pet care blog.

We appreciate the time you take to read our pet care blog and hope you enjoy reviewing Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital’s top 10 blogs of 2017: