Napoleon Complex Canine: Dealing with Small Dog Syndrome

small dog growling

When your tiny dog thinks they are the boss, negative behaviors go along with it. Small dogs with attitude are referred to as Napoleon Complex dogs, land sharks, or princess pups. While at times funny and cute, these dogs can cause damage when coddled or left to their own devices. You may be surprised how many dog bite reports are a result of this untreated behavioral problem. 

The question is, what causes Small Dog Syndrome and is it something that can be treated or corrected? 

The team at Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital is here to explain why these small-scale big shot dogs develop negative behaviors and habits. It is our aim to help pet parents make the necessary changes to help their four-legged friends. 


The Importance of Putting Your Pet in Your Will

rottweiler on owners lap

Estate planning encompasses many important factors that illustrate what you want to have happen to your property once you are deceased. This careful decision making and planning requires great forethought and assistance from an estate planner, lawyer, or other trusted advisor.

Obviously, if you have dependents and loved ones, you will want to include them in your will, but what about your pet companions?

Since our pets depend on us totally for their good care, they, too, need to be included in our end of life plans. This is why the team at Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital wants to express how important putting your pet in your will is, as well as giving you some helpful suggestions for the steps to take.


Choose 2! Why Adopt Two Kittens at the Same Time

Whether a potential owner of a cat has space or financial constraints, or they simply just have their sights on a single kitty home, there’s nothing wrong with adopting one kitten at a time. 

A single kitten requires a good amount of time, attention, safety considerations, medical care, and gear, so it can make sense to invest in just one ball of fluff. 

On the other hand, there are many benefits of adopting two littermates or bonded pairs. We offer reasons why you should adopt two kittens simultaneously.


Music Therapy For Pets Really Hits the High Notes

When you’re in a good mood, listening to happy or uplifting music can make you feel even better. Conversely, when you’re down, slow, melancholy-sounding music can intensify the blues. 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, animals are equally affected by tonal quality, beat, and melody. Music therapy in pets is becoming more popular in treatment plans for separation anxiety or phobia, but listening to the right type of music has the potential to benefit all pets.