When the Dog Bites: Navigating an Unsavory Situation

dog about to bite in oakhurst nj

When your dog bites someone, a lot of emotions come into play. Often disbelief, fear, denial, guilt, and sadness surface, all of which can be difficult to experience. While Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital would love to see a world where only puppy kisses exist, we know all too well that sometimes nature takes over and our sweet pets show their instinctual behaviors.

So if your dog bites someone, what do you do? Keeping your wits about you is a good start so that you can address the immediate situation and prevent it from occurring again.  


Breathe Easier With Some Knowledge About Asthma in Pets

dog with asthma

Many of us have first-hand experience with asthma, either in ourselves or a loved one. Not as many of us realize that asthma is a diagnosis that can also impact our pets! 

Asthma in pets can be a serious and scary diagnosis, especially if it is not diagnosed before respiratory distress occurs. Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital is happy to help no matter what your pet’s problem, but when it comes to asthma in pets in particular, we hope you breathe easier knowing we are here.


Homemade Pets Treats They’ll Beg For

homemade pet treats

Offering your dog or cat a delicious treat is one of the highlights of pet ownership. While it’s important not to over-indulge our pets (extra weight can lead to high blood pressure, diabetes, joint pain, and more), treats are important for training and overall enjoyment of life.

Commercial pet treats can leave much to be desired, unfortunately. Many are loaded with fillers, food colorings, preservatives, and probably too many calories. Creating your own homemade pet treats is an easy (and cheap!) way to show your pets how much you care.


Bring It On! Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital’s Top 5 Blogs of 2020!

As we finally leave 2020 behind, it’s near-impossible to not look back on the year that was. And what a year!?! For all of 2020’s quirks though, it has been a banner year for most pets.

Sky-high pet adoption rates and people spending more time at home with their pets than ever before (and all the fun, loves, walks, and treats that entails…), cats, dogs, and all the rest have likely appreciated 2020 more than the rest of us. With that, your team at Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital appreciates your trust in our care and in our blog.

With that in mind, and in keeping with tradition, we are happy to share with you our top 5 most-read blog posts of 2020!