two cats playing

Dogs get all the goodies, it seems, don’t they? From dog spas to doga (dog yoga), designer outfits to resorts just for them, the services and products for canines are endless. 

For a cat lover, however, the world may seem a little dog-centric. The good news is that there are many ways you can treat your cat, too, to make them feel amazing and loved. 

If you are looking for some ideas for pampering your special feline, you are in luck! Your partner in cat care at Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital is here with some of our favorite ideas. Read on to learn more!

5 Ways to Treat Your Cat

Rewarding your feline doesn’t solely rely on giving them treats (although, these are great in moderation). The key to really treating your cat is through new and enriching ways that soothe, strengthen the bond you share, and care for your whiskered friend.

  1. Focus on your cat’s skin and coat. Many cats love a nice brushing session with a comb that doesn’t pull or tug. This can be an extension of petting your cat, which is usually appreciated by them. Take a day to pay attention to your pet’s skin, fur, and nails. Make an appointment for them to be groomed. You’d be surprised that some cats enjoy being bathed and brushed, but your pet will definitely love feeling clean, freshly groomed, and healthy.
  2. Give them a new napping spot. As you may have noticed, cats love to sleep in new, and often strange, places. Open up a cardboard box, suitcase, cabinet drawer, or other small, open spaces and line it with blankets. In no time, your cat will have found it, and then you will find your cozy cat napping it up in their new bed.
  3. Give your cat a window view. Watching wildlife and birds on feeders and bird baths is one of the best things ever in your cat’s mind. It keeps them mentally engaged as they are naturally prone to stalk prey. This is an excellent alternative to them being outside, where there is a much greater risk of escape and injury.
  4. Try out some therapeutic massage. Massage is well known to ease muscle aches, relax the body and mind, and encourage better health. This is equally true for our pet companions. Research some massage techniques on YouTube and see how well your cat enjoys the stroking motions. There are also professional pet massage therapists available in most major cities.
  5. Make your cat a homemade meal. A home-cooked meal is something everyone enjoys. Instead of reaching for the daily kibble, try out some protein rich, nutritious recipes that are adapted for your cat’s diet. The occasional cooked, unseasoned bit of turkey or chicken breast is another tasty and indulgent option as an addition to a normal meal.

What ways do you practice kitty-care for your precious pet? Does your cat enjoy anything in particular that is considered a luxury? We’d love to hear more! Simply comment on our Facebook page or let us know during your cat’s next wellness examination.

We hope your cat is purr-fectly healthy, happy, and spoiled! And don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions about your pet.