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We know how hard it is to leave your furry one behind when you travel, but there are times when this is the safest option for them. That is why having the peace of mind of knowing your pet is in good hands with a reputable, quality boarding facility is a must. Did you know that you can also board your pet with a veterinary clinic, just as you can with us? Yes! 

There are many good pet resorts out there, we agree, but when you board your pet with a vet, you get many more advantages than just a nice facility. The team at Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital are here to explain why. 

5 Benefits to Boarding Your Pet with a Vet

When you choose a facility for your beloved pet, you want to know that they’ll be well cared for. You want to know that they have a skilled team, loads of attention, play, and exercise, and wonderful accommodations that are like being at home. There are so many factors in an excellent boarding facility.

But when you board your pet with a vet, there are some awesome benefits you may not have considered.

  1. The vet will personalize the boarding experience. When you choose your veterinary clinic, you choose a team that knows your pet, their health history, and their personality. In this way, it is a familiar place with all of your pet’s needs well understood by the staff. Your pet will never just be treated like “another” pet, but a part of the family.

  2. There are veterinarians, technicians, and other professionals on staff. Unlike other facilities that offer employees that understand the basics of pet care, by boarding with us or another vet clinic, you choose a team of veterinary professionals who offer round-the-clock care and oversight of your pet. If there is ever any need for medical care, it will be provided promptly and with expertise.

  3. This is the perfect place for pets with medical needs. Along the same lines, boarding your pet with a qualified veterinary clinic can accommodate pets with medical needs. Whether that is oversight of medication or administering of veterinary care while here, this is a huge advantage over less skilled resorts who offer no veterinary services or care
  4. Less risk of exposure to contagious disease. Many pet resorts don’t require complete vaccinations and parasite preventives like you will expect at your veterinary clinic. This can set your pet up for exposure to infectious diseases like kennel cough, parvo, etc.

The boarding facility at Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital’s Pet Hotel is a wonderful option for your pet’s well-being. We offer luxury accommodations, expert care, a focus on exercise, enrichment, nutrition, and play for our beloved pets and their families.

We book up fast around the holidays, so please feel free to call us with questions or reservations. We also invite you to come in for a tour!