A golden on a treadmill.

Physical therapy is often key to maximal recovery when humans are injured or undergo surgery. Pets shouldn’t be any different. Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital knows that pet rehabilitation therapy is essential to getting our patients back up to speed. 

All About Pet Rehabilitation Therapy

The science behind physical therapy and rehabilitation is somewhat new to veterinary medicine. We have used these techniques in humans for decades, though, and there are years of medical research to support its value. We are quickly learning that much of this applies to pets as well. More and more pet parents are also becoming aware of this option and requesting it as part of their animal’s care.

Pet rehabilitation therapy is based on the understanding of anatomy and physiology and its relationship to the patient’s muscles, bones, soft tissue structures, and nerves. This understanding allows therapy to target achieving:

  • Optimum function
  • Reduction in pain
  • Improved healing
  • Improved function
  • Prevention of injury

Pet rehabilitation services combine several techniques that can include soft tissue massage, range of motion exercises, physical exercises targeted at strengthening and improving function, underwater treadmill therapy, and treatment modalities such as therapeutic laser.

Who Benefits

Almost every pet can benefit from pet rehabilitation services at some point in their lifetime. These techniques and exercises, when properly prescribed, can help:

  • Encourage healthy weight loss
  • Pet recovery from an injury or disease
  • Speed return to function after surgery
  • Improve neurological function in pets with impairment
  • Decrease pain and increase mobility for pets with arthritis
  • Condition performance or working animals

Decreased function doesn’t have to be an accepted outcome of time. An appropriate physical rehabilitation program can help our pets live more comfortably and continue to function better than we ever anticipated.
If you would like to explore pet rehabilitation therapy further, we are happy to refer you to a local pet rehabilitation center such as NorthStar VETS. Working with a certified veterinary rehabilitation therapist can help your pet to be their best, whether your dog is recovering from a variety of ailments. Contact us so that we can help get you and your pet started off right on your rehabilitation journey. Rehabilitation therapy is for everyone!