As we finally leave 2020 behind, it’s near-impossible to not look back on the year that was. And what a year!?! For all of 2020’s quirks though, it has been a banner year for most pets.

Sky-high pet adoption rates and people spending more time at home with their pets than ever before (and all the fun, loves, walks, and treats that entails…), cats, dogs, and all the rest have likely appreciated 2020 more than the rest of us. With that, your team at Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital appreciates your trust in our care and in our blog.

With that in mind, and in keeping with tradition, we are happy to share with you our top 5 most-read blog posts of 2020!

The Big 5

#5 Vape Safety Around Pets
Most vaping product packages have clear warnings that the product and its contents are not safe for children or pets. We are now more aware, too, of the risks to people where we once thought they were relatively harmless. Vaping poisoning remains a problem for pet owners when their pets are exposed to or ingests these nicotine substitutes.

#4 The Stinky End of the Deal: Anal Glands 101
If you have ever smelled the stink that is anal gland secretions, you can’t deny that there is no other odor quite like it. That intense metallic smell is likely ingrained in your memory! So what is the deal with anal glands and why do pets have them?

#3 Wowza! My Older Dog Smells Bad!
Senior pets, or those roughly over the age of 7, make wonderful companions. They are already settled in their personality, have training mastered, and have won us over with their loving ways. There’s nothing better than owning a senior pet, but it sometimes comes with certain conditions that coincide with aging.

#2 Makin’ Biscuits: Why Do Cats Knead?
If you’ve ever pondered your cat’s unique behavior, you’re not alone. From a love of cardboard boxes, to sleeping in circles, to pouncing on your feet, cats have no shortage of quirks. Among these might be the rhythmic motion your cat makes with her paws, pressing in and out, as she sits on your lap.

#1 Frito Feet: Why Does My Pet’s Paws Smell Like Corn Chips?
Have you ever wondered why your pet’s feet smell strange? You are not alone. Many pet owners wonder why their pets emit certain smells from their skin and their feet. One peculiar odor owners report is that odd “Fritos” smell emanating from their dog’s feet. If your pet’s paws smell like corn chips, never fear!