Eating Right: Understanding Exotic Pet Nutrition and Feeding Habits

A hedgehog eating food.

At Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital, advocating for pets is what we do best. While dogs and cats are our speciality, we believe that all animals deserve the best care possible. Many pet parents fall short when it comes to feeding exotic pets. Read on to better understand exotic pet nutrition and how it impacts your pet’s health. 


How Do You Care for a Guinea Pig?

Guinea pig care.

Guinea pigs may be small, cute, and fluffy, but they have veterinary needs just like dogs and cats. If you’re venturing into the world of pocket pets for the first time, you may feel unsure about how to care for a guinea pig. Is a guinea pig easy to take care of? Or does it require more attention than your other pets? 


Following Pet Trends? So Are We!

Pot bellied pig.

There have been many famous (and famously eccentric) pet owners over the years. Audrey Hepburn had a connection with a fawn, Elvis kept a kangaroo, and Salvador Dali split his affection between an ocelot and an anteater. Why? Because they could!

Modern day pet ownership continues to have several outliers, including tigers, kinkajous, and teacup pigs, but the strongest pet trends involve the most common companion animals: cats and dogs. 


Our Predictions for the Most Popular Pets in 2022

Most popular pets in 2022.

Well, 2021 certainly was a year. The COVID pandemic has changed a lot of things about pet ownership, but one thing is for certain, the United States loves its pets! Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital is feeling this first hand, and we think we have the beat for the most popular pets for 2022. 


The Big Needs of Small Animals: Understanding the Basics of Exotic Pet Care

Exotic pet care.

A significant portion of traditional pet owners also care for exotic animals. This means in homes populated with cats and/or dogs, there could also be any number of birds, lizards, reptiles, arachnids, rodents, amphibians, fish and more. It is wonderful when people embrace the myriad responsibilities of each species (each with their own complex needs), but exotic pet care isn’t always fully understood or embraced prior to adoption. The good news is that with thorough preparation and research, lifelong health and happiness is possible for exotic pets. The team at Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital is here to show you how to understand the important aspects of exotic pet care. 


Nontraditional Pets Have Needs, Too! All About Pocket Pet Mental Health

pocket pet guinea pig

At Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital, our focus lies on the health and well being of dogs and cats. Many of our clients have exotic and pocket pets at home, though, and it is important not to forget these less traditional critters. Besides routine care, pocket pet mental health is a real need and one that you can really improve on in your home. Little pets need support, too!