Why Pet Adoption Makes Sense For So Many

Pet adoption.

People that love animals might imagine that a world chock-full of sweet, loving, loyal, and adorable companion animals would be a dream come true. And it would, if all of the world’s pets had warm, supportive, and happy homes. The truth is that millions of homeless pets enter animal shelters every year, and only a small percentage of these find homes. Pet adoption is just one way that we can affect the numbers of homeless pets, and we’re all about that!


Signs You’re Not Ready For a Cat

Adopting a cat.

In a perfect world, everyone would have at least four healthy, happy, and safe cats at home. There’s no question that sharing life with cats is a beautiful, satisfying experience (and may even improve our mental health). But simply wanting cats is very different from being able to properly care for their many needs.

A healthy dose of reality is required long before adoption, and a level headed approach to their care is necessary throughout their (sometimes very) long lives. If you’re not ready for a cat today, that’s okay. It means that you understand what they actually need to thrive, and we’re grateful for your sensibility. 


Does My Cat Want Another Cat?

Two black cat friends.

What could be better than owning a cat? Maybe owning two? Multiple feline households can be a lot of fun, but only if your cat will be welcoming of a new friend on the block. Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital is here to help you decide how to tell if your cat wants another cat. 


5 Reasons Why Pets Are Great for Kids

Pets and kids.

At Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital, we believe that our animal companions are much more than pets. They’re part of the family, and if there are children in the household, pets provide opportunities for kiddos to learn and grow as individuals. Plus, pet ownership can have health benefits too!

In case you’re still on the fence, our pet experts have compiled some of the benefits of having a pet for a child. And when you do welcome your new pet, we’re here with wellness care for all ages (puppy and kitten through senior pets) and a full range of veterinary services to keep your new family member healthy and happy.

Read on for the reasons why every family should have a pet!


How to Adequately Convey That You Love Your Pet

Love your pet.

February is known far and wide for Valentine’s Day, and has been for many decades. While we can definitely show our pets love on that day, pet owners also have the opportunity to collectively celebrate our profound connection on Love Your Pet Day. Sunday February 20th is reserved for showing pets how much we love and appreciate them. While this may sound like every day, we encourage you to consider how to communicate your love for your pet. 


The Big Needs of Small Animals: Understanding the Basics of Exotic Pet Care

Exotic pet care.

A significant portion of traditional pet owners also care for exotic animals. This means in homes populated with cats and/or dogs, there could also be any number of birds, lizards, reptiles, arachnids, rodents, amphibians, fish and more. It is wonderful when people embrace the myriad responsibilities of each species (each with their own complex needs), but exotic pet care isn’t always fully understood or embraced prior to adoption. The good news is that with thorough preparation and research, lifelong health and happiness is possible for exotic pets. The team at Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital is here to show you how to understand the important aspects of exotic pet care. 


Plan Ahead: Protect Your Pet During a Natural Disaster – and Afterwards

How to evacuate with a pet.

Although we cannot account for everything in life, the degree to which we are successful in emergencies can directly correspond to a high level of preparation.

When it comes to hurricane season in New Jersey, preparation is key, especially when preparing pet emergency preparedness kits. As you think about protecting yourself and your home, make sure you consider how to evacuate with pets in the unlikely event of an emergency.


Teach Them Young: The Best Kids’ Books About Pets and Animals

A boy shows his dog something on his tablet.

Reading with your children is a great way to not only teach them about a variety of topics, but also to carve out some quality time together. Whether you already have pets at home or you are planning to get some, introducing your children to books about pets and animals gets them ready to live in a house with some furry friends. Your local library and librarian is also an excellent resource for age-appropriate titles & content. Here are some of Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital’s favorites:


Alternatives to Surrendering Your Pet

Young boy with arms around dog.

Have you been considering surrendering your pet? We understand this can be one of the most difficult and heart wrenching decisions a pet owner can face. There are times, though, that make it necessary for an owner to make a drastic decision, such as a loss of a job or a death in the family. Some pet owners also decide to relinquish a pet because of behavior issues or aggression

Before making a rash decision about surrendering, there are some other things to consider. These are some helpful options as alternatives, which we at Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital hope any loving pet owner who is faced with this problem will consider. 


Adopting A Pet with Your Significant Other: Is it Really A Good Idea?

couple with dog

Whether you’re dating, engaged, or married, adopting a pet with a significant other is a huge relationship milestone. Pets bring fun, laughter, and adventure into the home, and taking care of one together can be an incredible bonding experience.

Of course, becoming “pet parents” is a big responsibility, and one that can shift the dynamics of a relationship. Before you bring a four-legged family member into your partnership, here’s some important considerations to keep in mind.