Keeping An Ear Out for the Many Possible Meanings of Dog Barks

dog barking

Dogs use barks to convey loneliness, hunger, playfulness, curiosity, stress, and other needs. They are masters at communication, but their success largely depends on who is listening to them. What do some of the most common dog barks sound like, and how can we answer the call?

Beyond Body Language

Dogs say a lot with their body language. We can often tell how they’re feeling based on how their ears, tail, and posture appear. Interpreting canine body language is essential to learning their needs and being able to effectively provide for them. 

Some dogs rely heavily on their body positioning to convey their emotional and physical states. These dogs may only express themselves vocally when they absolutely have to. Other pups have a unique blend of body language and barking that is highly effective at communicating with humans. 


What to Do When Your Dog is in Heat

Dog in heat.

Puppies are cute, but the process to get them is not always so adorable. If you have an intact female dog, you may be wondering what to do when your dog is in heat, how long it will last, and how to tell when it is happening. Not to worry; Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital is here to help you through it. 


If My Indoor Cat Is Healthy, Do They Really Need a Cat Wellness Exam?

"owner holding cat's head"

We get it. Cats are famously put-together animals who seem like they do not need much help from us. Their tidiness, independence, and convincing vitality lead many to question the importance of routine cat wellness exams. While a cat may be in perfect health, there’s an equal possibility that they’re hiding symptoms related to an underlying health condition. We believe it’s always worth the peace of mind, and look forward to promoting lifelong health through our cat wellness exams. 

Distinct Life Stages, Unique Needs

If you’ve had your cat since their infancy, you know that their first year was on the busy side. After their initial wellness exam (shortly after adoption), we see kittens every 3–4 weeks in order to complete their series of vaccinations. If they need to be dewormed, we will need to see them every 2–3 weeks until it is resolved.


Your Dog Comforts You When You’re Sad. Why?

"dog consoling owner"

Dog owners spend an inordinate amount of time trying to read their dog’s thoughts. In the absence of a shared language, we attempt to understand what they’re thinking and feeling at any given time. If your dog comforts you when you’re sad, there’s a great explanation for their empathy.

Perfectly Aligned

Have you ever gotten really excited about something? Chances are, your dog was right beside you, eager to participate in this electrifying experience. They may have started barking, wagging their tail, jumping up on you, and generally reveling in the moment.  


Beyond the Fluff: Basics of Doodle Puppy Care

"goldendoodle puppy"

There are certain dog breeds that are the pinnacle of perfection. They are so mellow, intelligent, devoted, and attractive that any improvements to their disposition and appearance would be impossible. Until, that is, two amazing dog breeds are intentionally bred. The result? Doodles! We’re talking labradoodle, golden doodles, Bernedoodles, doxiepoos and other breeds mixed with standard or mini poodles. There are many reasons to love a doodle puppy, and properly caring for them is just one way to share your affection

The Right Paw

All puppies benefit from regular veterinary care. As soon as you bring them home, we encourage you to set up their first appointment with us. There’s so much to accomplish in the first 4-6 months. When all of your doodle’s health requirements are fulfilled early in life, you have a positive influence on their long-term wellness. 


Your Cat Smells Good. What Does That Mean?

An owner touching her cat's nose with hers.

If you were to breathe in your cat’s scent, would you be able to describe it? Most cats simply smell like themselves (can “fluffy” be used to describe a smell?), but it’s not uncommon for some felines to give off highly specific scents. We’ve heard owners describe their cats as “cinnamony,” “perfumey,” and just all around “delicious.” This could just be one more example of the profound appreciation some owners have for their cats, but could there be a scientific explanation for why a cat smells good?


How To Choose The Perfect Name For Your Pet

Cat and dog sleeping.

Welcoming a new pet into your home is an exciting and joyful time, and one of the most exciting parts of adopting a pet is picking their name! Choosing the perfect name for your new pet is a big decision, because you want the name to be a reflection of both your family and the pet’s personality. Not only do names hold significance, but your new companion will get used to responding to it for the rest of their life. 

It can be difficult to choose between so many great options! The team at Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital has put together this fun and helpful guide to choosing the perfect name for your new pet. 


Hanging in the Balance: Cerebellar Hypoplasia in Pets

Kitten being cradled in owners arms.

Some pets are born special, but that doesn’t make them any less lovable. Their care is just as, if not more, important than for those with more typical needs. Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital provides quality pet wellness care for all of our patients, no matter their obstacles.

For kittens, one of the more common congenital challenges we diagnose is something called cerebellar hypoplasia. While this may sound like an overwhelming diagnosis, these sweet babies are often capable of a quality life. 


Dangerous Cat Toys and Treats to Avoid

Tabby cat playing with fish toy.

Entertaining your cat can be just as fun for you as it is for them, especially when you find toys and treats they love. Most cat lovers enjoy pampering their feline friends with an assortment of toys and treats that inspire mental enrichment, exercise, and of course, yummy tastes. There are some dangerous toys and treats that every pet owner should know about and avoid, however.