Keeping An Ear Out for the Many Possible Meanings of Dog Barks

dog barking

Dogs use barks to convey loneliness, hunger, playfulness, curiosity, stress, and other needs. They are masters at communication, but their success largely depends on who is listening to them. What do some of the most common dog barks sound like, and how can we answer the call?

Beyond Body Language

Dogs say a lot with their body language. We can often tell how they’re feeling based on how their ears, tail, and posture appear. Interpreting canine body language is essential to learning their needs and being able to effectively provide for them. 

Some dogs rely heavily on their body positioning to convey their emotional and physical states. These dogs may only express themselves vocally when they absolutely have to. Other pups have a unique blend of body language and barking that is highly effective at communicating with humans. 


The Many Possible Reasons Behind Various Dog Barks

Dog barking.

Cats are usually recognized as more mysterious than their canine counterparts, and yet, dogs have plenty of confounding behaviors. Take, for example, their proclivity for barking at nothing (that you know of). Some dogs may feel the urge to constantly bark, others may only bark in certain areas of the home, such as the middle of the living room, or the corner in the kitchen. The types of dog barks known to dog owners are definitely varied, but one thing is certain: it’s time to figure out the logic behind them.


Possible Explanations for Litter Box Problems

Cat litter box issues.

One of the greatest aspects of living with a cat is their instinct to use their litter box for all their bathroom needs. With the implicit understanding that their litter box is the only place for certain activities, cats make it their own personal space (as long as any waste is removed with delay) to use whenever they prefer. Things don’t always go swimmingly for cats in this department, though. There are various reasons behind litter box problems that range from simply exasperating to downright dangerous, and it’s key to know the difference.


Canine Behavior: How Dogs Interpret Emotional Extremes

Embarrassed dog.

We know that dogs sense and react to human emotions, as evidenced by their behavior when we’re either up or down. Ongoing research into canine behavior will continue to emphasize just how in-tune dogs are to their people. In fact, scientists have proven that dogs employ certain parts of their brains just for processing the emotions belonging to their special people. Along the journey of dog ownership, some owners notice an inexplicable, awkward discomfort to various human emotions, including intense physical or emotional pain. In a species known for emotional depth, why does crying creep them out?


Play All Day: The Importance of Pet Daycare

Pet daycare.

Modern dogs often face long periods of time indoors without attention, activity, or stimulation. Their owners work and travel more, busy family activities take priority, and dogs are sometimes left to their own devices. Loneliness, boredom, and fear of abandonment create stressful behavioral problems that affect us all. Pet daycare is a great option to help with these issues, and has the potential to be a game-changer for many families.


Your Dog Comforts You When You’re Sad. Why?

"dog consoling owner"

Dog owners spend an inordinate amount of time trying to read their dog’s thoughts. In the absence of a shared language, we attempt to understand what they’re thinking and feeling at any given time. If your dog comforts you when you’re sad, there’s a great explanation for their empathy.

Perfectly Aligned

Have you ever gotten really excited about something? Chances are, your dog was right beside you, eager to participate in this electrifying experience. They may have started barking, wagging their tail, jumping up on you, and generally reveling in the moment.  


CBD Oil for Cats: Good Idea or Paws Off?

An anxious cat.

As a pet owner, Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital knows that you want to provide the best for your animals. CBD oil has been a constant topic of conversation for pet owners, and it’s only natural to wonder if it might have some benefits for whatever ails your critter. So is CBD oil for cats a good idea? Or just too good to be true?


Is Your Cat A Creep? Why Your Cat Loves Staring At You

Cat staring.

Cats are masters of nonverbal communication; after all, nothing says “I love you” like a good, strong head butt from your favorite feline or a dead rodent conveniently deposited on your welcome mat. Understanding how our pets communicate with us is an essential part of pet ownership and can help you build a strong, loving bond with your furry friend.


I’m Pregnant. Now My Cat Is Acting Different Around Me

Cat ignoring pregnant woman.

For years, your furry little bundle has been your “baby,” garnering your attention, sleeping on your lap, and cuddling with you in bed. Now that you’re about to welcome a human baby into your home, you’re suddenly persona non grata in the eyes of your cat. What is happening?