Making New Year’s resolutions seem to be the mandatory conclusion to every year – a way of embarking on the right path and preparing for a better and healthier year ahead. Things like losing weight, getting more exercise, and quitting bad habits seem to top the list. No wonder we may become lackluster about these tasks as the weeks roll by.

However, resolutions don’t have to be a drag. In fact, they can be fun when you add your pet to the mix. New Year’s resolutions for you and your pet can help you stay motivated and feeling good about the choices you make because they also affect your furry companion. Better yet they can start any time!

Here are a few 2018 resolutions that could really make the year an amazing one – for two- and four-legged friends alike!

8 Great New Year’s Resolutions for You and Your Pet

  • Go on an adventure. It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut, especially with our daily routines. Next year, try a new walking route through a park, nature preserve, or historic neighborhood or reserve one weekend a month for day trips or vacations that are pet-friendly.
  • Change up your exercise routine. Exercising with a buddy can definitely motivate and be a lot more entertaining. With dogs, you can jump into hikes, Frisbee, doga (yoga with dogs!), and so much more. You can also enjoy a workout with your kitty by constructing a new cat tree or running with a favorite feather toy.
  • Make new friends. We’re all social beings, and the same is true for our pet companions. The beginning of a new year – particularly during the long winter months – is a great time to meet new friends who also love pets. Check out Meetup and other social clubs that are pet-friendly.
  • Overhaul a bad health habit. Is your pet getting one too many treats? Do you spend too many hours watching TV or browsing Facebook? Take a discerning look at a few bad habits you and your pet have developed and make a pact to cultivate better ones in 2018.
  • Make more time for play. Playtime is essential for pets and people. Purchase some new toys for your four-legged friend, spend more time playing fun games with your pet, and take up a hobby or two, like rock climbing, Dungeons & Dragons, or a dance class.
  • Take care of the pearly whites. Dental health is more than just a great set of chompers. The condition of your teeth greatly impacts overall health, including the function of the heart, kidneys, and liver. Pets need consistent dental care, such as teeth brushing, check-ups, and cleanings.
  • Focus on nutrition. Diets are awful, most of us agree. Instead of deprivation, a better approach to nutrition is to consult an expert! We’re happy to provide recommendations to give your pet better health and energy through good nutrition. Just give us a call!
  • Laugh, love, and lighten up. Life can be tough, and it’s understandable if we get a bit too serious at times. This is when your pet can be your best ally. Be sure to take the time to enjoy quality moments with your pet, including cuddles and laughter. That’s the best, isn’t it?

We hope you’ll consider some of these resolutions for you and your pet and are motivated for another awesome year. To help keep your pet on track, we’re here to help. From all of us at Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital, we wish you a Happy Chinese New Year!