Whether a potential owner of a cat has space or financial constraints, or they simply just have their sights on a single kitty home, there’s nothing wrong with adopting one kitten at a time. 

A single kitten requires a good amount of time, attention, safety considerations, medical care, and gear, so it can make sense to invest in just one ball of fluff. 

On the other hand, there are many benefits of adopting two littermates or bonded pairs. We offer reasons why you should adopt two kittens simultaneously.

The Long View

While not everything is better when multiplied, two kittens can definitely work out better than one! Contrary to popular opinion, cats are very social animals. Sure, it can be a challenge to introduce a young cat to an older resident cat (as they are highly territorial). But two kittens adopted together, whether from the same litter or not, can be an excellent decision. 

Plus, if you’re already investing in the health and wellness of one kitten, adding one more shouldn’t cost much more. They can share certain things like scratching posts, toys, and beds. You could be saving an extra life from the shelter while guaranteeing the mental and physical health of two kittens. And you only have to kitten-proof the house once!

Kitten Energy

Kittens sleep a lot because they are growing so fast, but when awake they have an abundance of adorable energy. When you adopt two kittens together they are already accustomed to playing together. 

Without another kitten to grow up with, a single cat can become bored, lonely, or overly demanding of your attention. They can also get into trouble if left to their own devices, whereas a bonded pair will eat and play together, use the litter box successfully, and explore their new world with constant companionship.

The Cuteness Factor

If you adopt two kittens together you will never run out of cute moments to capture and post. 

Kittens that snuggle together? Check. Kittens that hide and ambush each other? Yes! Kittens that entertain and encourage one another? You bet! Kittens awake at 4 a.m. doing loops around your bed? Nothing better! 

Kittens also learn to keep each other clean and, over time, figure out allogrooming. They are also more likely to accept household rules when taught (and gently disciplined) together.

Adopt Two Kittens, Feel Twice the Love

A single kitten can grow up into a happy, well-adjusted pet. But it is worth mentioning that two kittens have the potential to be even more so.

If you have further questions about whether or not you should adopt two kittens together, your friends at Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital are always here for you.