When it comes to preventing pet accidents, nothing is foolproof, but with a few proactive pet safety tips, you can create a loving home that protects your furry friends from common household hazards.  

To help you get started, our team at Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital has put together this handy room-by-room guide for preventing pet accidents at home.

The Kitchen

The heart of the home is where we all gather—including our pets. When thinking about how to pet-proof your home, remember that your kitchen is probably a haven of hazardous household items for pets. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Familiarize yourself with foods that are harmful to pets, and tell your guests that you have a strict rule against sharing table scraps with pets. 
  • Keep the lid to your garbage can secured.
  • Use child-proof latches on cabinets where cleaning products are stored. 
  • Keep the pantry door closed. Even if a food isn’t hazardous for a pet, the packaging may be.


  • Keep all medications (even herbal supplements) closed tightly and stored in secure cabinets.
  • Keep the toilet lid closed.
  • Keep bathroom trash cans covered or stored inside a cabinet.

Living Spaces and Bedrooms

  • Dangling wires and cords look like tempting chew toys to our pets. Tuck them away or tape them down.
  • Use proper covers on air vents.
  • Keep floors free from small objects that are easy for pets to ingest. 
  • Protect older pets from pain and injury by adding pet stairs beside your couch or bed.  
  • Check out this list of toxic and non-toxic plants from the ASPCA, and keep hazardous houseplants up high.  

The Garage

Don’t leave sharp tools where pets can reach them, and keep hazardous household items for pets closed tightly and stored safely, including the following:

  • Antifreeze
  • Pesticides/herbicides
  • Insecticides/rodenticides
  • Fertilizers
  • Paints/paint thinners
  • Adhesives

Pet-Friendly Home Design

In addition to keeping hazardous items out of paw’s reach, there are pet-friendly home design strategies you can incorporate to make your pet feel protected, welcome, and honored. Try these tips:

  • Transform a bonus room, extra bedroom, or just part of a finished lower level into a pet play space equipped with toys, climbing trees (for cats), and other indoor enrichment activities for pets.
  • Spring for a quality bed. We put a lot of thought into our own bedding, so do your furry friend a favor and choose a high quality pet bed for optimum R&R and keep it clean
  • Create space in a mudroom or entryway with a cabinet stocked with towels, pet wipes, and dog treats to pamper your pup and keep your furniture clean after walks.
  • Avoid decorating with breakables that sit at tail height. A bushy tail toppling over a vase or lamp can frighten or injure your pet.

We’re here to help you keep your pets safe and healthy throughout their lives. Contact us for more pet safety tips or to schedule a checkup