by Dr. Schock

BellaGordonARDogs and cats do not floss.  They do not brush their teeth. They cannot politely open their mouths for a hygienist to take X-rays, and they will not spit in a tiny sink while having their teeth cleaned.

Our pets need advocates.  When one of our veterinarians says, “Your pet’s teeth need to be cleaned”- it’s not because we want the teeth to be “pretty”.  Pet dental care is not a luxury procedure. It is a treatment to treat and prevent infection.


I have seen cats with such severely painful teeth that they chatter their mouths when I exam them, and they swallow their food whole rather than chew. I have seen dogs with broken teeth that bLOG PIC DENTAL BEFORE AND AFTERshow no signs of complaining until an abscess forms under their eye (even then, they don’t complain).  So many of these conditions can be diagnosed or prevented with the help  regular pet dental care.

Our pets are very stoic when it comes to oral infection and pain– they do not complain the same way we humans do with a cavity or enamel sensitivity.  Our pets carry on with their daily lives, and they continue to eat and play with their toys despite discomfort because they have no other choice.

If your dog walked in with a leg wound, and we said he needed anesthesia to clean it and to suture the skin together to prevent infection, most clients would agree to the treatment and associated cost.  Why not treat your pet’s mouth the same way?

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