Boosting your pet's immunity.

Added to beverages, snacks, and even gum and candy, vitamins provide the sense that we’re doing something good for our bodies. And while commercial pet food products deliver a similar approach, there are fewer options for delivering vitamins masquerading as yummy treats. They do exist, but are they really healthy for pets? If you’re looking for ways to boost your pet’s immunity, look no further than your daily routine.

Nurture Their Nature

We are happy to discuss with you the various supplements designed to maintain your pet’s health and vitality. By supporting their immune system, you help prevent health problems that affect long-term wellness. Without an effectively working immune system, a pet has a harder time fighting off viruses and bacteria. Furthermore, everyday toxins or allergens in the air have a direct impact on your pet’s immune system. 

A Vital Forcefield

Your pet’s immune system acts like a forcefield around their health, safety, longevity, and vitality. A weaker immune system may have a harder time defending against bacterial or yeast infections, ear infections, allergies, and other health issues. Immunodeficiency diseases can make pets more susceptible to infection or serious diseases, like cancer. 

Stress plays a huge role in depleting your pet’s immune system. If they endured a frightening experience earlier in life, react to environmental triggers, and cannot cope with solitude, the effect on their immunity can be profound.

Balanced Diet and Exercise

An animal can have certain genetics or medical history that predisposes them to a weakened immune system. The biggest cause for compromised immunity is, perhaps surprisingly, related to poor diet and lack of exercise. 

Start the day right with the best possible food. Your pets  may have a strong attachment to a particular brand that actually isn’t the healthiest. We can help you phase out the old food with a proper, nutrient-rich, balanced food that’s appropriate for their age, breed, and lifestyle. Restrict calories from treats, and limit how much human food they get to sample.

Slowly increase how much vigorous exercise your pet receives every day. If they are out of shape, it may take time to get them moving. The more you get out there, the better! This not only helps to keep them physically fit, but exercise is also a known stress-reducer. As we know, low stress means higher immunity!

Supporting a Pet’s Immune System

If your pet displays low energy, lack of interest in favorite activities, and appears depressed, give us a call at (732) 531-1212. In addition to ruling out medical conditions that cause similar symptoms, we can help you provide them with dietary supplementation. 

Supporting your pet’s immune system is something we take seriously at Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital, and our staff looks forward to serving you.