Fall pet activities.

Summer gets the old boot every year. It’s not that any of us are happy to see summer fade away, but it’s replacement is so fine and fair that it makes it easier to say goodbye to the hot, humid days. And, speaking of boots, doesn’t it feel good to tromp around in the falling leaves? That reminds us: it’s time to start scheduling all the wonderful fall pet activities you and your four-legged friend can share this autumn!

An Old Friend

Indeed, fall offers the same familiar feelings as an old friend in a flannel shirt. We can all slow down, settle in, and enjoy the season’s abundance. Luckily, our geographic location has many different fall pet activities to choose from.

Never Gets Old

Mellow temperatures typically send the beach fanatics inland a bit, leaving wide open stretches of the 8th Avenue Dog Beach in Asbury Park wide open for you and your pooch. Saving this activity for the fall means that Fido’s delicate paw pads won’t get burned by the sun (but it’s still important to keep an eye on the ocean). Take a nice stroll before or after a rousing round of Frisbee on the lovely boardwalk (something you can’t do with your dog before October 1st).

Other great options include:

  • At Barnegat Light Dog Park, you can enjoy the rugged jetty, lighthouse, and super fun dog park. Again, after October 1st, your dog can enjoy a good romp on the sand.
  • Fisherman’s Cove Conservation Area or the Manasquan Dog Beach boasts a special beach just for dogs.
  • Thompson Park in Lincroft has 14 miles of trails, a dog park, and lots of other fabulous amenities. Of all the fall pet activities, don’t miss this one!
  • Robert J. Miller Airpark is fun for the whole family – especially well-behaved pooches!

The Best Fall Pet Activities

Camping is one of the best fall pet activities. Less bugs, cool nights, and plenty of color to take in during day hikes or fishing. Bass River State Forest is not only pet-friendly, but the nature trails are second to none.

If it’s scenery you and your pet are after, check out the Double Trouble State Park. It’s perfect for adventurous or more relaxed pets. Who doesn’t want to check out a cranberry bog? (Psst! Don’t forget your leash!)

When You Can Forget the Leash

Looking to explore the wonders of off leash dog parks? You and your dog are in luck. We have so many great dog parks in Monmouth County, but don’t forget about Ocean County either! Some even have separate parks for small and large breeds. Bring your baggies and collapsible water bowl, but leave your dog’s toys and treats at home or in the car.

City Dwellers

One of the best fall pet activities is taking in all the seasonal delights at any one of our state’s fine downtown areas. For example, downtown Red Bank is always fun, and you can choose from numerous pet-friendly restaurants to enjoy a tasty morsel.

Don’t forget about the Wonder Bar in Asbury Park for “yappy” hour with your dog. The Working Dog Winery is also a great experience to share with your dog.

Wait! There’s More

There’s no end to all the fun fall pet activities. Whether you decide to go out in public or hang out in the backyard with the ‘ole pigskin, be sure to keep a close eye on your pet. As always, Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital is proud to serve you, and we hope you have a happy, safe fall.