dog wearing halloween costume

For Halloween enthusiasts, it can be torture to wait 365 days until the next haunted house, corn maze, or costume parade. Fortunately, we usually don’t have to wait that long anymore. We can order pumpkin spice lattes in August or stock up on trick or treat candy long before September’s over. 

Having extra time to enjoy the season is good news for pet owners committed to making this Halloween a special one for their four-legged friend. And while pet costumes must be approached with caution, they really are the cutest things (provided your pet tolerates them). So, what’s on point this fall? 

Halloween Launch

Halloween may not pop up on every pet owner’s calendar, but it’s undeniably popular with many folks. Of course, in order to have the most fun, fall pet safety measures should be followed closely. 

For pets prone to stress and anxiety, it is also super important to make certain preparations for them. The fact is, there are various seasonal threats to health and wellbeing, but this annual event doesn’t have to end up in calamity.

Now For the Fun

Once you’ve got all the proverbial ducks in a row regarding your pet’s health and safety you can really take the plunge into the entertaining world of pet costumes. As long as the costume isn’t restrictive or irritating, the following pieces can be quite smashing.

Pets as Super Heroes

There are so many to choose from, but these superhero pet costumes are really trending this fall:

Many of these have head pieces, hats, or partial masks. If your pet cannot deal with any of these elements, simply remove the head piece. Likewise, they should be able to move and breathe freely, and the costume shouldn’t limit movement or cause irritation. Please keep a close eye on their behavior and do not force your pet to wear a costume.

Pets as Food

One of the most popular types of pet costumes is also the funniest. Dressing your pet up as a food item just doesn’t get old, and we particularly like:

Other Trending Pet Costumes

We also really like when pets dress up as mythological creatures, like Unicorn, Mermaid or Werewolf. But perhaps the best pet costumes are the ones that allow pets to become another animal. You’ve probably seen lion, shark, elephant, frog, or panda pet costumes. They really couldn’t be cuter, and the sky’s the limit!


Of course, many pets will not tolerate full body costumes. That doesn’t mean they can’t participate in Halloween revelry! Dress them up in a seasonal bowtie, bandana, or collar that fits the theme. There are also coordinating costumes for cats and their people that shouldn’t be ignored. 

As long as you’re able to get a snapshot of your sweet pet all dressed up, Halloween pet costumes are worth it, right?

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Happy (and safe) Halloween from all of us at Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital.