Pot bellied pig.

There have been many famous (and famously eccentric) pet owners over the years. Audrey Hepburn had a connection with a fawn, Elvis kept a kangaroo, and Salvador Dali split his affection between an ocelot and an anteater. Why? Because they could!

Modern day pet ownership continues to have several outliers, including tigers, kinkajous, and teacup pigs, but the strongest pet trends involve the most common companion animals: cats and dogs. 

Health and Wellness

Over 23 million households have welcomed new pets since early 2020. This massive influx caused by the Covid-19 pandemic impacted the pet care market in phenomenal ways. The growth of the industry was already up 10% from the previous year, and topped out at 14% growth at the end of 2021. 

Strikingly, millennial and Gen Z pet owners drove most of the pet trends, and their dollars are represented across numerous divisions of the pet care industry. With an eye on sustainability, Earth-friendly packaging, whole food ingredients, and technology, these pet owners are carefully choosing between competing products.

Who Influences You?

The growth and evolution of the pet care industry has been affected by the internet. Who doesn’t love Chewy.com or Pretty Litter coming right to your doorstep with high-quality pet products? Undoubtedly, the ease of accessing pet care products that bring value to a pet’s nutrition, environment, and health will continue to be a huge trend in 2023. 

Brick and mortar veterinary hospitals and clinics aim to meet the newest pet trends by offering to mail or hand deliver prescriptions, or providing the option to pay for services/products online for pickup. 

In addition to the web, products controlled by bluetooth are all the rage. For example, treat dispensing products like Furbo Dog Camera make it easy to stay in touch with a pet that’s home alone. There are also Smart Collars that track activity levels and location, Litter Robots, and much more. 

Staying In Touch

Veterinary telehealth became a mainstay post-2020 and may continue to thrive in the coming years. Similarly, pet care services like dog walking, yard cleanup, and pet sitters are easily found online through reputable websites that vet their contractors. 

Popular Pet Trends in 2023

Cats and dogs will continue to tip the scales in the new year for the sheer amount of new adoptions. Whether mixed or purebred, both species make phenomenal additions to the right homes. 

We also predict that exotic and pocket pets will begin to emerge as some of the most popular pets in 2023. Reptiles, birds, and rodents certainly bring a lot to the table!

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