Halloween pet safety is a must for a pet-friendly HalloweenThere’s a lot to love about fall in general, but the highlight for many is, of course, Halloween. We’ve been enjoying the costumes and decorations on display for weeks now, but the remaining days before the big event should include the mindful prevention of injury to a family pet. They all mean well, but pets can find themselves in a deep cauldron of hot water without Halloween pet safety tactics firmly in place.

The Obvious Dangers

Most pet owners are very aware of the dangers of chocolate, raisins, and Xylitol-sweetened treats around Halloween. While reducing these threats continue to be an essential of Halloween pet safety, there are additional risks to remember that aren’t so obvious.

Attractive Packaging

If a pet is fervent about getting into a tasty treat, he or she may not discard the dangerous foil, paper, or cellophane packaging. Certainly, the fatty, sweet candy is already potentially damaging, but packaging can result in choking, internal injuries, or painful gastrointestinal obstructions requiring surgery.

Similarly, lollipop sticks or those found in caramel apples can cause serious injury if bitten into, chewed on, or swallowed.

Bright Lights

If you plan on walking around with your pet on the big night, ensure that both of you can easily be seen by motorists and other pedestrians. Black cats and other pets with darker coats can not only lose visibility, but they can become targets of pranksters. Depending on your pet’s personality and experience with crowds, it may be better to leave him or her at home.

Speaking of Home

A constantly ringing doorbell and subsequent opening and closing of the front door can send many pets in a frenzy. Keep your pet in an area away from the action, and be sure to update any changes to his or her microchip. It also wouldn’t hurt to make sure the collar and tags are affixed and legible, in the off-chance that your pet escapes.

Halloween Pet Safety

Unfortunately, there are many components of festive decor that can threaten the health of your pet. String lights and other electric decorations can shock or entangle your pet. Items with dangling or loose objects can cause problems if eaten, and even jack-o’-lanterns can have disastrous results.

Finally, Halloween pet safety must include an understanding of the implicit dangers connected to various pet costumes. Please do not allow your pet to wear constrictive fabric or a costume that inhibits free range of movement, vision, breathing, and the ability to drink or go to the bathroom.

Never Forget

Of course, the revelry associated with this spooky, hair-raising holiday can be enjoyed even more when Halloween pet safety measures are firmly in place. If we can assist you with this, please let us know!