Love your pet.

February is known far and wide for Valentine’s Day, and has been for many decades. While we can definitely show our pets love on that day, pet owners also have the opportunity to collectively celebrate our profound connection on Love Your Pet Day. Sunday February 20th is reserved for showing pets how much we love and appreciate them. While this may sound like every day, we encourage you to consider how to communicate your love for your pet. 

We Get What They Give

The animals we share our lives and homes with may not be aware of what they give us day in and day out, in the same way that we understand their unconditional generosity and companionship. They are simply devoted to us, participating as important members of the family group. Not that it has to be an even exchange, but it doesn’t seem like the food, shelter, and care we provide them comes remotely close to the affection and loyalty we receive in return.

Treat Your Pet Right

Like Valentine’s Day convinces us to buy loads of chocolate and flowers for our human loved ones, Love Your Pet Day inspires lots of spoiling. You might consider any or all the following to show your pet how much you value and adore them:

  • Spend extra time together. Gaze deeply into their eyes and tell them how much you love them. This oxytocin-rich experience, also known as the oxytocin-gaze positive loop, helps to strengthen the human-animal bond by releasing oxytocin in both human and animal brains. They might not fully understand the depth of your meaning, but your pet will definitely pick up on your intensity and focus. Adding an extra snuggle or play time can make all the difference to their heart.
  • Go somewhere new together. Indulge in a new collar and leash set and set off in a new part of town for a jaunt, hike, run, or stroll. They’ll love the new smells and sights!
  • If you decide to stay in, check out the many varieties of nature videos to watch together. Cats enjoy watching bird videos; dogs like the squirrel ones! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show together!
  • Provide them with something truly magnificent that enriches their environment, like a new cat tree or catio. Invest in a good bed, or new outdoor gear like booties or a down vest. 
  • Bake your pet some truly special homemade treats. Whether it’s tuna or turkey flavored, they’ll enjoy watching you make their treats almost as much as sampling them. 
  • Schedule a spa day just for them! You could do this at home by giving them a warm, luxurious bath, haircut and blow dry, or you could arrange for the professionals to do the heavy lifting for you. No matter what, a pet that looks their best, feels their best. That’s a truly wonderful gift!
  • Do something together that makes you laugh. It could be the funny way your cat chased after the laser, or the silly way your dog refuses to fetch. When you laugh, your pet feels it and benefits from making you feel good. In other words, they recognize happiness in the same way they can sniff out depression or loneliness. 

Paw Print On Your Heart

The positive impact that pets have on us simply cannot be overstated. They add so many layers to our own well-being, it’s only fair that we try to return the favor.

If you have any questions about Love Your Pet Day on February 20, 2022, please give us a call at (732) 531-1212. From all of us at Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital, have a truly wonderful Love Your Pet Day!