Cat ignoring pregnant woman.

For years, your furry little bundle has been your “baby,” garnering your attention, sleeping on your lap, and cuddling with you in bed. Now that you’re about to welcome a human baby into your home, you’re suddenly persona non grata in the eyes of your cat. What is happening?

Cats are famous for their mood swings and quirky behaviors like head bumps and biscuit making, but your pregnancy might bring about cat reactions you haven’t seen before. At Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital, we’re here to help you decode those cat signals and rebuild your special bond with your cat.

Does My Cat Actually Know I’m Pregnant?

Probably not. But you can bet your cat knows that something is different simply because you’re different. Are you preoccupied with painting and furnishing the nursery? Feeling tired or unwell? And perhaps you were always the one to keep the litter box clean, and now someone new is in charge of scooping? When your routine gets disrupted, so does your cat’s, and most cats clearly disapprove of non-feline-authorized schedule changes.

Why Is My Cat Avoiding Me Now That I’m Pregnant?

Some cats turn into little lovebugs when a human companion is pregnant, while others rebel by becoming aloof or attaching themselves to someone else. If you’re getting the cold shoulder from your cat, it could be a sign that she is stressed by the changes in her routine. Providing your cat with plenty of indoor enrichment opportunities is one way to ward off stress and anxiety. 

If your cat’s sudden withdrawal from your life is accompanied by a loss of appetite or changes in potty habits, it’s best to schedule an examination.

Why Does My Cat Seem Angry?

When a cat acts angry toward a pregnant owner, such as by hissing or scratching, understand that this aggressive behavior is a defense mechanism that is hardwired into her DNA, and by no means indicates that your child and your cat cannot go on to have a loving relationship. Having your pet evaluated for medical conditions is an important first step, followed by implementing appropriate tactics to curb any unwanted behavior.   

Time for Baby

Your cat clearly knows that something’s up. Your routine has changed. Your body has changed. And there’s a bunch of new equipment and furniture in the house. Your cat has responded with new behavior of her own—as if her senses are heightened with the changing energy inside the home. As the big day approaches, you might wonder, can cats sense pregnancy labor? Some experts believe it’s entirely possible that pets can sense changes in body chemistry, which might trigger her to become extra protective of you as your hormones change. 

The experts at Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital are here to help you prepare your pet for your new baby. Please contact us anytime to schedule an appointment or if you have questions.