As the temperatures start to sink and the evening hours approach earlier than before, it can feel like time is standing still. We enter a state of hibernation or some other seasonal trance bookended by daylight savings, but we aren’t the only ones to notice. To be sure, animals sense the seasonal shift quite profoundly, as well. Pets who previously couldn’t wait to get outside are now standing anxiously on the threshold

How do we support the needs of our pets on rainy, cold, or snowy days? Why, with these indoor pet activities, of course!

First, Use Your Imagination

You know your pet better than anyone. What triggers their interests? Are they food motivated or are they a larger breed that requires serious physical exertion? Your own indoor pet activities are truly only limited by your imagination, so with that knowledge of your pet’s personality, design activities that support their health and temperament.

Indoor Pet Activities

We think the following indoor pet activities are the bee’s knees:

  • The nose knows – Your cat might turn their nose up at this game – or maybe not. A pupper, however, will likely embrace the opportunity to sniff out various items. From toys to treats, you can work with your dog’s interests to stimulate the senses. Arrange these around the house in a scavenger hunt or place them in boxes to see if your pet can find them. Remember to reward a job well done.
  • Hide-and-go seek – Similarly, hide yourself or a certain object and then let the easiest, most fun game begin!
  • Tag, you’re it – You’ll need two people for this one. Both of you have a handful of tasty, healthy treats. Alternate calling your pet. When they come and sit, give a treat or toy. Get further and further apart from each other so your pet has to run between you to earn the goods.
  • Obstacle course – You can create a few different obstacles in and throughout your home to keep Fluffy or Fido engaged. Shoot for things to balance on, crawl through, jump on top of, and more. This can be tailor-made for your pet’s interests and abilities. Go for it!
  • Tug of war – When your dog should have a firm grasp on the commands “drop it” or “leave it,” you can successfully play tug of war together.
  • Clean up – Scatter toys around the house and ask that your pet pick them up and put them away. It might sound dull, but it’s fun and bolsters the communication between you and your pet.

New Tricks

Most pets relish the opportunity to learn and master new commands or tricks. Teach the high-five, roll over, balancing, going up and down things (like a ladder), and going under, over, or through certain things like a chair or small table.

When You’re Not Around

Keep a treat dispenser or a frozen Kong on the kitchen floor when you have to go out. This will keep your pet busy, and they’ll earn a little nap.

Alternatively, if you think your pet would benefit from some play time and socialization, consider our Doggie Daycare.


One of our favorite indoor pet activities is a calming one. Take time at least once a week maintaining your pet’s skin, coat, and nails.

Hang in There

Cold, wet weather isn’t for everyone, but fortunately, it doesn’t last forever. Let us know if you have any questions about our indoor pet activities. Until then, hang in there!