Pet boarding.

Not all pet boarding facilities, hotels, resorts and camps are the same.  Our pets are our best friend, and we consider them to be family.  Who would you trust to take care of your family?  What safety measures would you want in place to protect your loved ones?  Would you trust them to be taken care of anywhere, with anyone?

Questions to Ask Your Pet Boarding Facilityoakhurst pet hotel

When you have to go away, and leave your precious companion in the care of others, do you really know who’s watching them?  Are they qualified and have the experience to make sure your pet stays stress-free, and safe?  Are they there with your pet 24 hours a day?  What kind of training have they had?  Can they recognize if your pet is scared, anxious, or sick?

There are a lot of newer pet hotel and day-care franchises enticing you to leave your pet in their “camp-like” facilities, but we think you should take a closer look.  Pet hotel chains are popping up everywhere.

Cute slogans and enticing advertising are used to attract customers.  No training, no licensing, and no experience are required to own a pet boarding business.

What will happen if your pet gets sick at night?  Is someone really watching? Will they know what to do?  What training, experience, and certification do the people have who are watching your pet?

What if Your Pet Gets Sick or Injured?

The OVH PET HOTEL meets a higher standard of care than most boarding kennels and pet resortsWe are not “veterinarian recommended”, we are owned and run by veterinarians.

Dr. Wefer and Dr. Delaney have established a national reputation for quality, and compassionate care.  All nine of our doctors board their own pets here.  We are certified by the American Animal Hospital Association ( which sets the highest standards of the veterinary profession.

We’ve been boarding dogs and cats for 28 years.  We have trained, experienced staff watching out for your pet 24 hours a day.   Licensed, certified veterinary technicians oversee your pet’s care.  A veterinarian is on call 24/7 if your pet needs medical care.  A certified trainer/behaviorist is on staff to assist when needed.

We have a fear-free, force-free policy of animal handling.  No other pet hotel in NJ has a greater caretaker per pet ratio.

What Happens When the Electric Goes Out?

During hurricane Sandy our Koehler natural gas powered generator kept the electricity on, and kept over a hundred pets safe from the storm.  Our facility was designed from the ground up with your pet’s safety and comfort in mind.

The pet hotel area is attached, but separate from the hospital. The pet hotel has individual, sound-proofed rooms, with custom-made Snyder compartments. These separated spaces reduce noise, stress, and risk of infection.

Our HVAC system was specially designed to exacting standards, to reduce risk of infection, and to allow for fresh air exchange and odor control.

Radiant heated floors for winter, air-conditioning for summer, weather protected outdoor exercise areas, and REAL grass, landscaped areas for play.

Your pet’s living area was designed for cleanliness, and comfort. Every compartment and space is disinfected with safety tested products, then hosed and dried daily.  All compartments have Kuranda beds with fresh fleece bedding.

Our team has the experience, and the training to care for old pets with medical conditions, diabetic pets, epileptic pets, and pets with arthritis, back disease, and other musculoskeletal conditions.  We can make sure your pet gets their medication, and is cared for just like they are at home.

Every pet is treated like they are our own.  We offer a wide range of daily activities to keep your pet engaged and stress-free.  Special walks, play time, treats, and one-on-one interactions that make you precious friend feel loved.

We are not a camp, farm, spa, or resort.  We are a SAFE, COMFORTABLE, AND FUN place that you can TRUST to care for your precious companion.   Who’s watching your pet?