Dogs are pack animals who thrive within a close network of people. Cats, on the other hand, crave independence (and a fairly large space bubble). While you try anything and everything to show you love your cat, he or she might offer up a head bump or a long eye blink for filling the food bowl or cleaning the litter box. But how else can you make your cat go gaga over you?

Love and Care

Your cat is a creature who is 100% dedicated to routine. He or she depends on meals not only being available at the same time every day, but also made up of the very same or similar ingredients each time. Straying from routine is deeply upsetting and will not score you any points with your discerning feline.

Work on discovering what your cat likes. Tastes vary between felines, but generally fish or chicken are highly satisfying; giving treats like this are a great way to show you love your cat. Respect your cat’s tastes and let it be known that you value his or her likes and dislikes.

Similarly, once you find a brand of litter that your cat likes, stick with it. You may feel compelled to offer lots of variety in this department, but it’s extremely off-putting to an animal who thrives on routine. Also, scoop the poop every day.

Balancing Act

To show that you love your cat, demonstrate an understanding of his or her own unique personality. Feline body language is an incredible key toward knowing what your cat needs and wants. You may know the signs that your cat wants to be alone, but the following behaviors say “bring me more:”

  • Nudges your legs or feet
  • Curling the tail around you
  • Tail straight up in the sky shows friendliness and openness to affection or interaction
  • Meowing at you
  • Purring while being held or stroked
  • Prolonged eye contact with intermittent long blinks


Brushing every week or so shows you love your cat. It may take some convincing at first, but it can also be a great opportunity to bond while also reducing tangles, shedding, and even hairballs!

Follow these great feelings with regular tooth brushing. Make it a positive experience. Speak softly to soothe your cat and offer rewards after.

Show your cat love by investing in his or her long-term health. Schedule routine wellness exams once or twice a year. This will help us screen for any developing disease so your cat can have the best chance at a long, happy life with you.

Play’s the Thing

Show that you love your cat by playing with him or her every single day. You might find that costly pet shop toys hit the spot for your feline, but more often than not, cats love inexpensive, unconventional toys to bat around. They love to tap into their predatory instincts, chase, and pounce on toys. Just be careful not to use your hands!

Also, provide a sturdy scratching post, cat tree, or perch for your cat to stretch out and relax.

You Love Your Cat

Of course you love your cat, but when you follow his or her lead, respect their space, and deliver the “goods,” your cat will surely love you back. It can take some time, and when it’s unforced, friendships develop quickly and have lasting power.

Good luck! Please let us know if you have additional questions or concerns!