Most popular pets in 2022.

Well, 2021 certainly was a year. The COVID pandemic has changed a lot of things about pet ownership, but one thing is for certain, the United States loves its pets! Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital is feeling this first hand, and we think we have the beat for the most popular pets for 2022. 

An Oldie But a Goodie

It’s hard to unseat a champion. With over 76 million dogs in homes in 2021 and about 38% of households owning one according to AVMA statistics, canines continue to be the pet of choice for Americans. 

We predict that the dog will continue to top the charts for most popular pets in 2022. There are some really compelling reasons why:

  • Dogs are generally friendly
  • They enjoy our company
  • They are easy to train
  • They statistically decrease loneliness and improve our mental health
  • Dogs encourage us to get up and moving
  • They make us laugh
  • They encourage us to be social
  • Dogs lower stress levels

Dogs have a long history of being faithful companions to people, and we don’t see that changing any time soon. 

More Popular Pets in 2022

Second on the list of most popular pets in 2022 is the cat. With about 58 million cats in homes in the United States, these beloved (but somewhat less understood) creatures retain their solid ranking in second place.

The feline species also has a long standing history with humans. Like dogs, they bring a sense of companionship and love into our homes that is hard to replace. It is very likely that our cat patients will retain their reign near the top of the most popular pets for 2022.

Lower down the list becomes a little less predictable, though. Over the last year, we’ve noticed increases in the less traditional pet populations. Traditionally, fish come in third, followed by birds, and then reptiles. 

We predict that we will continue to see the reptile-owning pet lover population grow, and perhaps 2022 is the year for the reptile to beat out birds as the number four on the list of popular pets in the United States. 

One thing is clear, though, our pets have helped us through the pandemic. No matter if your critter of choice is a dog or cat, bird or lizard, it is likely that they will continue to help you through 2022 as well. Please let us know if we can be of any help in your pet-owning journey this year. We are here for that.