pet parasite prevention medication

You may not be able to wrap your sweet kitten in bubble wrap to protect him from the world, but we are getting better and better at providing excellent defense against potential problems.

Parasites are one of the biggest threats to our pets. Whether it’s heartworm disease carried by mosquitoes, Lyme disease in the tick population, or fleas in out their glory, parasites are a problem. Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital is excited to be able to offer the latest and greatest in parasite prevention for those of the feline persuasion – Zoetis’ Revolution Plus.

Revolution as an Excellent Foundation

For years we have relied on Revolution as our go-to product for parasite prevention in cats. The main ingredient, selamectin, has been long hailed as a safe and very effective drug against a multitude of pesky and potentially dangerous parasites.

The easy to apply, once-monthly topical product has provided our feline patients with protection against:

Revolution Plus: Building Even Better

In recent years a new class of flea and tick preventatives have entered the market. The isoxazoline class of parasite preventatives have shown to be an even more efficacious way to combat parasites. You may have heard of oral flea and tick medications for dogs such as NexGard, Simparica, Bravecto, or Credelio. These are all part of the new isoxazoline class of drugs.

Until now, isoxazoline flea and tick prevention wasn’t available for cats in combination with the other good things that Revolution has to offer.

Enter Revolution Plus, a new topical preventative for cats that combines the old standby selamectin with sarolaner for an even more powerful combination. In addition to all the things regular Revolution does, Revolution Plus boasts an even faster flea kill, plus help to kill and control:

  • The black-legged tick
  • The Gulf-coast tick
  • The American Dog tick

We recommend that both indoor and outdoor cats receive monthly, year-round parasite prevention. Of course there is no one-size fits all solution for every pet. Please contact us so that we can discuss what the best option may be for your individual animal.

Revolution Plus is a new exciting addition to our arsenal against pet parasites, and we are so happy to have it.