Flea and Tick Control Just Got Better

Bravecto flea treatment for dogs.

We finally have the newest generation of oral flea and tick control.  Bravecto® (fluralaner) is a tablet that is administered as a chewable treat to your dog EVERY 12 WEEKS!  The tablet is SAFE and EFFECTIVE at treating and preventing FLEAS AND TICKS.

Fleas are the #1 cause of skin disease in dogs. Most dogs are allergic to flea bites; much like people are allergic to poison ivy.  Dogs will scratch and chew at their skin causing rashes, hot spots, hair loss, and skin infections. Ticks are the leading cause of infectious disease in dogs. Lyme disease is only one of many diseases transmitted by ticks.  Other common tick-transmitted diseases can affect blood cells, kidneys, and other organs. Tick prevention is essential to prevent these serious and common diseases.