Beyond the Fluff: Basics of Doodle Puppy Care

"goldendoodle puppy"

There are certain dog breeds that are the pinnacle of perfection. They are so mellow, intelligent, devoted, and attractive that any improvements to their disposition and appearance would be impossible. Until, that is, two amazing dog breeds are intentionally bred. The result? Doodles! We’re talking labradoodle, golden doodles, Bernedoodles, doxiepoos and other breeds mixed with standard or mini poodles. There are many reasons to love a doodle puppy, and properly caring for them is just one way to share your affection

The Right Paw

All puppies benefit from regular veterinary care. As soon as you bring them home, we encourage you to set up their first appointment with us. There’s so much to accomplish in the first 4-6 months. When all of your doodle’s health requirements are fulfilled early in life, you have a positive influence on their long-term wellness.