Signs You’re Not Ready For a Cat

Adopting a cat.

In a perfect world, everyone would have at least four healthy, happy, and safe cats at home. There’s no question that sharing life with cats is a beautiful, satisfying experience (and may even improve our mental health). But simply wanting cats is very different from being able to properly care for their many needs.

A healthy dose of reality is required long before adoption, and a level headed approach to their care is necessary throughout their (sometimes very) long lives. If you’re not ready for a cat today, that’s okay. It means that you understand what they actually need to thrive, and we’re grateful for your sensibility. 


What to Look For When Comparing Litter Boxes

Litter box selection.

When an owner suspects problems with their cat’s bathroom habits, it’s natural to question the look and feel of the litter box. They are, after all, a little choosey about certain things. It is also important to find a litter box that works in your home, however. When comparing litter boxes, be sure to consider the following:


Makin’ Biscuits: Why Do Cats Knead?

cat kneading

If you’ve ever pondered your cat’s unique behavior, you’re not alone. From a love of cardboard boxes, to sleeping in circles, to pouncing on your feet, cats have no shortage of quirks. 

Among these might be the rhythmic motion your cat makes with her paws, pressing in and out, as she sits on your lap. Also known as kneading, this behavior gets its name because it resembles a baker working bread dough. 

But why do cats knead? Come along with Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital as we explore this question.