From Nose to Tail: The Comprehensive Veterinary Exam

a black dog seeing the vet.

Aside from the special opportunity to meet or get to know your pet a little better, our comprehensive veterinary exams promote overall health and well-being. Scheduled every 6–12 months, this appointment focuses on preventive practices. Sometimes, this routine visit leads us to pursue more knowledge about a pet’s overall well-being. Diagnostics or procedures can follow the wellness exam, all in an effort to detect and treat health conditions long before they cause lasting problems. 


Common Issues that Affect Responsible Pet Ownership

Owner with cat at vet.

Being “in the know” doesn’t come easy to everyone. But if you really want answers to life’s questions, there’s always a way to get them. Regarding truly responsible pet ownership, there are bound to be loads of questions at first, especially if this is a first pet or an unfamiliar one. That’s where we come in. As a partner in your pet’s health, happiness, safety, and longevity, we are committed to ensuring that common mistakes are avoided. We take valuable time to address any issues you might experience with your pet, and look forward to sharing what we know about supporting their needs.


Upcoming Veterinary Exam? Questions to Ask Your Vet

Dog at the vet.

Your pet may be the picture of health, but their appearance and behavior don’t always tell the whole story. In fact, because they are known to hide any signs of illness or injury, you might not even realize that something’s going on beneath the surface. To catch developing problems before they get out of control, we encourage yearly or biannual wellness exams. Often, when you bring in certain questions to ask your vet, essential information can steer your care in the best possible direction. 


Beyond Companionship: The Best Pets for Older Adults

Senior citizen with pet.

In a perfect world, those who love animals would be surrounded by them. Unfortunately, as people age, their physical and financial capabilities begin to decrease. This means that a previous aficionado of, say, large, energetic breeds may need to scale back a bit in the interest of safety, and in order to meet the demands of their pet of choice. The best pets for older adults can check all the boxes while keeping everyone safe, happy, and healthy.


The Very Best Pets for Vegans

Dog looking at veggies.

Responsible pet ownership involves significant consideration of and respect for animal welfare. Of the most critical aspects of their care, optimal nutrition is key to their growth, development, and longevity. A vegan pet owner may have personal objections to feeding meat to their pet, but this approach can have grave consequences in obligate carnivores. Vegans don’t have to miss out on the emotionally rich and satisfying world of animal companionship, however. There are many pets for vegans, and we’re happy to help with the selection process. 


Top 3 Things to Do Before Your First Vet Visit

First pet visit.

Congratulations on your new addition! Welcoming a new cat or dog can be a true joy, and if this is your first foray into pet parenthood, you likely have many questions about when to schedule your pet’s first checkup, what to expect, and how to prepare.

At Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital, we warmly welcome new pet patients, and we’ve compiled some helpful hints for navigating your pet’s first visit. 


How to Care for Your Deaf Pet

A white pit bull smiling.

Whether you are a human, a dog, or a cat, losing one of your main senses can really alter your world. Hearing loss can completely change your pet’s life.

Thankfully, just because a pet can’t hear or can’t hear well doesn’t mean that they can’t live healthy and fulfilling lives. Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital has several tips for caring for a deaf pet that are sure to help them thrive.  


5 Reasons Why Pets Are Great for Kids

Pets and kids.

At Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital, we believe that our animal companions are much more than pets. They’re part of the family, and if there are children in the household, pets provide opportunities for kiddos to learn and grow as individuals. Plus, pet ownership can have health benefits too!

In case you’re still on the fence, our pet experts have compiled some of the benefits of having a pet for a child. And when you do welcome your new pet, we’re here with wellness care for all ages (puppy and kitten through senior pets) and a full range of veterinary services to keep your new family member healthy and happy.

Read on for the reasons why every family should have a pet!


How to Adequately Convey That You Love Your Pet

Love your pet.

February is known far and wide for Valentine’s Day, and has been for many decades. While we can definitely show our pets love on that day, pet owners also have the opportunity to collectively celebrate our profound connection on Love Your Pet Day. Sunday February 20th is reserved for showing pets how much we love and appreciate them. While this may sound like every day, we encourage you to consider how to communicate your love for your pet.