A boy shows his dog something on his tablet.

Reading with your children is a great way to not only teach them about a variety of topics, but also to carve out some quality time together. Whether you already have pets at home or you are planning to get some, introducing your children to books about pets and animals gets them ready to live in a house with some furry friends. Your local library and librarian is also an excellent resource for age-appropriate titles & content. Here are some of Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital’s favorites:

“The Pigeon Wants a Puppy” by Mo Willems: Not only does this book have a lot of great pictures that young children can easily follow along with, but it also tells the story of what it takes to have a pet dog. The book’s protagonist, Pigeon, is determined to have a puppy…until he gets one. If you are trying to teach your kids about the responsibility of pet ownership, this book is a helpful tool.

“Tails are Not for Pulling” by Elizabeth Verdick: Kids can definitely have a tendency to get overexcited, especially when there is a cute furry animal nearby. If you want a little help teaching them to be gentle around animals, this book is a great option. The story includes tips for children to safely interact with animals and even has a few helpful reminders for parents on imparting lessons to your children. 

“May I Pet Your Dog?” By Stephanie Calmenson: It’s important for children to safely and politely understand how to approach dogs that belong to other people. The main character of this book is a sweet dachshund that can teach your children the best way to interact with animals who belong to someone else. 

“Lola Gets a Cat” by Anna McQuinn: Lola Gets a Cat” is another great book for teaching your kids what it really means to own a pet. If your child really wants to add a feline member to your family, this book will help your whole family prepare for it.

“Pet Rescue Club” ASPCA Kids Series : This series features seven books that revolve around animal rescue, kindness to animals and ways to help homeless pets. It’s a great introduction to understanding how & why pets are in animal shelters, without getting into the sometimes darker side of things. 

“The Invisible Leash” by Patrice Karst: From the author of “The Invisible String”, a heartfelt book for guiding grief in children, comes a companion book about our four-legged friends and how to find love after loss. Pet grief for children can be especially difficult, this book can help guide those emotions. 

Pet Ownership: More Than Books About Pets And Animals Can Teach

Books are a fantastic resource for helping children learn about what it means to own a pet, but it is up to you to really show them. If you bring a dog or cat into your home, ask your children to help you care for them. Including your children when it comes time to feed them, train them, or take them outside is the best way to show them how to care for a pet. If you’re bringing a new baby home to an established family pet, learn more here to help ease the transition for everyone’s safety. 

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