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There are many reasons why we brainstorm, write and publish approximately 50 pet care blogs a year. Primarily, we enjoy providing our ever-growing community of pet owners with strategies to maintain excellent pet health. 

Whether it’s a blog about specific illness or animal behavior, our goal is to keep the flow of information going strong. In so doing, we aim to positively impact pet wellness at home – and soothe an owner’s doubts or concerns at the same time.

In a world that processes data faster than ever before, we hope that our pet care blogs find their way into your weekly reading. Amazingly, we can measure their popularity, and reflect on which ones our readers liked the best. 

Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital’s Top 10 Pet Care Blogs of 2019

Every single day at Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital we are reminded that we have the best jobs in the world. Of course, we have pet owners and their adorable pets to thank for that!

We also want to thank you for reading our weekly pet care blogs. In case you missed these the first time they came out, please enjoy our top 10 pet care blogs of 2019!

10. Leptospirosis: An Equal Opportunity Threat
Pet owners have no shortage of decisions to make when it comes to protecting the health of their furry companions. Making sure your pet is protected against disease should top your list of concerns, especially when it comes to something as prevalent as leptospirosis. Keep reading…

9. Good For Us, Bad For Them: The Truth About Essential Oils and Pets
Essential oils have earned their place among those that enjoy and benefit from aromatherapy. From easing nausea to decreasing anxiety, these natural, plant-derived products have been central in the lives of many generations, and now they are part of the natural cure-all trend. Read more…

8. Dogs and Ticks 101
The season of the outdoors is officially here. If your dog likes to spend time outside with you, you may be thinking of backyard romps, hiking together, and even traveling to enjoy some serious outdoor adventures together. Continue reading…

7. Retractable Leashes: Neither Dog, Nor Man’s Best Friend
I will admit that retractable leashes can be fun. They provide pets with a sense of off-leash freedom that allows them to explore areas that they might not otherwise be able to. However, in my experience, the risk of serious injury, or even death, far outweigh any pleasure you or your dog might enjoy. Keep reading…

6. Pet Loss: What to Expect When it’s Time to Say Goodbye
When we adopt a pet, we are well aware of the likelihood that we’ll probably outlive them. Regardless, nothing can prepare a pet owner for the devastation that follows the loss of a beloved companion animal. Read more…

5. Fact or Fiction: The Truth About “Hypoallergenic” Dogs
By definition, the term “hypoallergenic” refers to something unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. There are numerous dog breeds widely considered to be “allergy-friendly”, but dogs, by their very nature, cannot be truly hypoallergenic. Read on!

4. A Stinky Situation: Why Do Dogs Eat Poop?
As wonderful as dogs are, they sure have some disgusting habits – drinking from the toilet, licking their own behinds, and eating literally everything (just to name a few!). However, eating poop may top the list of unsavory canine quirks. Honestly, could anything be worse? Keep reading…

3. The Stinky End of the Deal: Anal Glands 101
If you have ever smelled the stink that is anal gland secretions, you can’t deny that there is no other odor quite like it. That intense metallic smell is likely ingrained in your memory! Read more…

2. When It Comes to Pet Lumps and Bumps, Should You Wait… Or Worry?
Whether it has arrived suddenly or has been growing slowly over time, it’s natural to be concerned about a lump or bump on your pet. There are going to be questions about what caused the growth, and how it might complicate a pet’s health and comfort. Continue…

1. Revolution Plus for Cats: Purr-fect Protection
You may not be able to wrap your sweet kitten in bubble wrap to protect him from the world, but we are getting better and better at providing excellent defense against potential problems. Meow!

Happy New Year!

Our team at Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital truly values the pets (and their people) that make our time together so meaningful. Looking ahead, we will continue to answer various questions facing pet owners today. There’s a lot of them, we know!

From your partners in animal care, we wish your pet a happy, healthy, safe, and fun-filled new year!