Putting your pet in your will.

Being the sole provider of a pet is immensely gratifying, but it’s a heavy responsibility, too. While the likelihood of outliving them is very real, it’s not uncommon for a pet to survive long after their owner passes away. It’s hard to think about, but it is important to prepare for a pet’s future just in case you’re not around to provide for them. 

Make a Plan

Since you can’t just leave cash to your pet, you’ll have to take steps to ensure they’ll be provided for in your absence. 

One of the easiest things you can do is find someone, such as a close friend, relative, or neighbor that likes your pet almost as much as you do. Ask them if they would mind adopting your pet in the event of your death. This can be a very touchy subject for some people. With that in mind, only broach the topic with someone certain to take on the challenge. Also, be sure that your pet will enjoy the same or similar quality of life with the person of choice.

No Room for Doubt

Once you have a person in mind, you’ll need to confirm this in writing. Update your will or living trust with a provision that details the cost of caring for your pet. The executor of your estate will ensure that your pet’s new owners will receive the funds set aside for the care of your pet. 

A pet trust is another estate planning tool that creates the legal responsibility for your pet’s new owner. Your trust will have a trustee that delivers the money to the new owner, along with detailed instructions for care. This avenue provides an extra layer of diligence that your wishes will be met in the eyes of the law. 

Other Options

To prepare for a pet’s future after you die, you can establish an agreement with a local charity designed to help your pet find a home. This process ensures that little-to-no upheaval will affect your pet in your absence. They will already be grieving your loss. Be sure that the organization places your pet with a proper individual or family in a permanent location. With a generous donation, you can facilitate a good outcome for your pet

Prepare For a Pet’s Future

No one likes to think about their best friend carrying on without them, but the reality is, if they aren’t properly planned for in legal estate documents, they could face a very uncertain future. Prepare for a pet’s future today by considering exactly what it would take to make them happy after you’re gone. Consult an estate planning attorney and be sure you cover all the ground of what you think it means to be a responsible pet owner.

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