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Cat being brushed

Trimming and Bathing for Pets

With our exceptional dog grooming and cat grooming services, general bathing and trimming becomes a safe and relaxing experience for your pet. The highlights of our service include:

dog grooming at oakhurst veterinary hospital
  • Grooming tables with non-slip surfaces and a place to secure a leash to provide our trained veterinary assistants the space they need to work comfortably and effectively with each pet.
  • Every routine bath includes shampooing and conditioning, as well as drying so the pet does not get chilled.
  • Once your pet is clean and dry, he or she will enjoy a complete brushing as our staff pampers and praises him or her.
  • Our spa can also perform medicated shampooing and basic trimming to keep coats healthy and manageable.

A complimentary toenail clipping and ear cleaning are included with each bath. Please see our menu of services for more details.

If our spa can be of service to your pet, give us a call Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital to schedule an appointment.