Cat staring.

Cats are masters of nonverbal communication; after all, nothing says “I love you” like a good, strong head butt from your favorite feline or a dead rodent conveniently deposited on your welcome mat. Understanding how our pets communicate with us is an essential part of pet ownership and can help you build a strong, loving bond with your furry friend.

If you’ve ever wondered, “What does it mean when my cat stares at me,” you’re not alone. At Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital, we love decoding weird cat behaviors, and we’re here to help you translate what your cat’s soulful, unblinking eyes are trying to tell you.

She Wants a Kiss

Is your kitty relaxed and gazing upon you with sleepy looking eyes? Try returning her gaze with a calm, sleepy look of your own, and blink slowly. If your cat blinks back, she has just given you a kitty kiss!

She’s Wasting Away to Nothing

OK, so that’s an exaggeration, but some cats clearly don’t approve of an empty food dish—or even being able to see the bottom of the bowl. If your kitty thinks it’s time for her favorite kibble or perhaps a homemade treat, she may establish serious eye contact until you get the message. 

She’s a Scaredy Cat

Is she staring wide-eyed with dilated pupils and crouched down with her tail tucked between her legs? If so, she might have been startled by a loud noise or have some other reason to be fearful. Don’t go toward her, as that could add to her fear. Instead, try talking to her gently.

She Needs Space

A cat who stares with dilated pupils while pinning back her ears and swishing her tail may be upset about something and is feeling aggressive. When this happens, you can try to break the tension by tossing her favorite toy across the room to distract her. 

She Just Wants Your Undivided Attention

Like most cats, yours may be a master of manipulation using her stone-cold stare to pivot your attention away from mundane tasks like your day job or laundry. Whatever it is, it’s not as important as spending time with her!

She Disapproves

If those eyes of hers are steady and unblinking and her overall expression screams, “I am not the least bit amused,” consider yourself chastised. Did you disturb her nap? Try to make her wear a funny hat? Are you talking too loudly on your Zoom call? Try a sincere apology and a loving cuddle!

Our friendly team is here to help you keep your cat’s expressive eyes healthy with comprehensive eye care in addition to overall wellness and preventive services. Contact us at (732) 531-1212 for an appointment.